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American citizens from sea to shining sea. Welcome to the frontlines of freedom. Who are I'm Colonel Denny Gillam. Thank you for joining us. Joining me two fifty caliber microphone today is cocoas air force vet Josh Lang what's up Josh? Civil air patrol Tri wing encampment Kadre selection weekend for my oldest airmen. So by the time we reconvene here next week. I'll know if I have the new standards and evaluations NCO living under my roof. If Jordan does get selected for the position that will certainly help him and keeping his own bed made and room in order. And I think I'll have them inspectors younger brothers beds and room to thank you civil air patrol. Good to hear that. Josh we'll hear from Chief Warrant Officer role as he shares some more wisdom and marine vet skip coryell seems to be a happy guy going good in the book business skip. Oh, it's going fantastic. I just finished up that last book Jack pine strong. And I've already started writing my next book. Ooh, it's flowing. It is. Yeah. It's called concealed carry for Christians totally different than I've ever done before. Well, certainly something that I strongly believe in. So Amen, bro. Here's what we have for you today. Colonel. I'm going to discuss the ten offensive that began in Vietnam at about this time in nineteen sixty eight a major battle and a war that our troops one. But you would know it professor Paul Marino. From Hillsdale College will then review our constitution for us. Then we're going to meet some brave veterans who now support gold star families and will review our movie of.

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