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Next fall's congressional elections long simmering frustration over democratic congressional campaign committee chairwoman sherry boost osis leadership spilled into the public view this week as black and Hispanic lawmakers demanded an overhaul due to the lack of racial diversity at the top of the organization Jonathan easily of the hill has written about this divide and joins us now Jonathan who was ousted five of boosters is senior aides including political director communications director the director of diversity the executive director of the of the teacher will see so it with diet with the thorough overhaul of the top leadership there and save tap the committee to to hire new staffers there was more of a focus on diversity like you said it was some black and Hispanic lawmakers who expressed frustration would help boost does staff to be democratic house campaign arm and how did she react to this well I mean it it looks really bad in a lot of Democrats see this sort of major blind spot for her and you know it was it with some black and Hispanic lawmakers the first brought this up hi she has been released a statement saying that soul shall focus on diversity you as a she looked to replace the departed staffers and we did see some key black and Hispanic lawmakers come out and I'd say that cherry boosters reached out to them said that you know she she had fallen short in in in how she handled the group to this point and they said that they were satisfied with that that she realized the gravity of the situation and that she to dress it going forward you know come that are sort of a critical moment for the house campaign arm there because they're trying to lock down some of their top recruits who they would like to see challenge a Republican incumbent they're they're charged with protecting their own vulnerable incumbents in there's thirty six of those up for reelection twenty twenty so it it's high stakes and it's just asking Democrats a little bit worried that this could become an issue you don't have the person who's who's in charge of getting Democrats reelected dealing with criticism from within our own caucus but it at least it looks like right now she's going to survive this thing continue on as as chairwoman and that Democrats hope get back to the work of protecting their own lawmakers we're speaking with Jonathan Easley of the hell as you alluded to was it the main concern the timing of all this yeah I mean that the timing you know obviously we're heading into a presidential election year Democrats picked up forty seats in the house in twenty eighteen but they'll be sort of testing their their new found political strength with president trump on the ballot for the first time so you know its into the race for the house is expected to be very close I mean Republicans they would like to get that majority back I think Democrats are still bullish on on their prospects for keeping the house Majority they've got advantage in fundraising right now in the congressional generic ballot and in in it not a huge majority but a control majority I mean it would have to be a big year for Republicans to take to take back the house to the Democrats like where they stand right now but could you now distractions like this and that sort of these intraparty squabbles that we've seen before particularly over race doesn't doesn't help end date like boosters to be focused on on protecting the house majority and not focused on now I I'm gone controversy so they're hoping she can move past it on the other side the GOP side similar to two thousand sixteen there are already are six house members that say they're not going to seek reelection the Democrats have been opening here yeah that's another I've got a point that is that Democrats are sort of looking at open seats are harder to defend I think we actually had the seventh Republican announced last night or this morning that they would not seek reelection that number is growing and I think the Republican side we we saw this wave of retirements are lawmakers not seeking reelection among Republicans in twenty eighteen and it really hurt the party so I think Democrats see another opening the air so it's yet fundraising is Republican retirement so that that sort of I think can't Democrats optimistic that they'll they'll keep the house and the pressure is going to be on both those who took over for Ben ray lu Han is the leader of the T. triple the who had that soldiers successful cycle in twenty eighteen we're Democrats picked up forty seats so that that's the act that she got a follow through the pressures definitely on her to take advantage of some of these these data points are leaning in the Democrats favor thanks Jonathan Jonathan Easley of the hill.

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