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If they keep winning and i don't mean kind of go undefeated but they should still win the nfc knoll if they keep winning and the leading he knows maybe they've clinched the nfc north that it will feel like that saints game was an aberration which i think he even at the time i was watching. I thought this isn't this. Isn't the death of this. This era rogers isn't done. This is just one of those really really weird things that happen the sometimes someone can just have a really bad day at work where everything goes wrong or you are driving somewhere and it's red. You hit the red light every single time. Sometimes those weird things happen and you just have to move on from it. And the way the rogers as he will move on. No one has got more more confidence. And i'm not saying i know people say. Oh he's trying to tank the season he's trying to damage the packers like if if he did do it on purpose is motivation would be just the game self full of more spite. You know. he's he. He lives on spite and and bitterness because of the because of draw his draft day. That's what that's what fuels them. The idea that people would be criticizing him so much over that we'll just have stoked up his fires so much that he can go all the way through february just on that the packers the packers. We saw against the lions. Although they weren't perfect that's the real packers get the week one version. The one we sewing week two is far far. More like what we'll see for the rest of the season this team's only gonna drop a few games all season. Oh okay you said they are In the mix this is a crucial game for them. If they are indeed is as. You're protecting been going to be there. Thereabouts intend to seatings. I think we're pretty sutton even off to two weeks. That in the forty niners a playoff team will be at the challenge. There of course is the toughest division in in in the teams to miss out the Going into short stacked as well so on the line. David yaris out daria smith. Of course also a out for for this one and that is a short stacking them a little bit up against a forty-nine is side that has they never have injury so they must be fine right not so much the price. I think we talked about whether you getting a call up or maybe on getting for the ravens at one stage at running back. I wonder whether civilly the ground game is a mess for the forty nine of course with injuries. Trae seven had a concussion. I think mitchell shoulder injury to michael hasty Banged up as well. Vei on the offensive side of the border. A feeling it a bit where we on. Let's go jimmy garoppolo and it was an ugly a win against the eagles and in the same way forming three. You're thinking that most teams have very bad days from time to time and all teams have different days from time to time. An ugly wins where things aren't ready rolling but a window in the you know the rainy one nil tuesday night when it stoke the forty nine is sit was it seventeen against was such a weird school in many many seventeen eleven year. The sonacare watson. Pretty scott hanson when he described the buffalo touchdowns pretty. It was great. Said he wasn't pretty for the for the forty niners but how much we care about that. How much in particular are we looking at. Jimmy jr trajectory the season because week. One jimmy comeback player of the year we to wanted try lance play wednesday nonstop. The i used to always coal. Jimmy g. to call is to call in the the west. Coast and dalton. The there's there's not a lot of difference in the way that they play and their abilities. They're both. They're both really good guys. They're both intelligent players. They're both limited and they gain manages and you can you can only do so much with them and the two teams starting for they've got rookie quarterback's behind them. Now the thing is is that when you've got the nfl equivalent of a kind of rainy. Choose not against stoke. This eagles game was that because before the season everyone thought the eagles was practically like having a boy and then they had a really good performance. One and jalen hurts. Looked good and i thought okay. Well know job pump. The brakes jalen hurts. Because i do quite like jim notes and i think he can be an nfl starter. But i don't know how far he's going to take team like the eagles. He's he's a decent player and that's probably that's probably what we're going to get from this season. We're going to games where he's good and some not so good. There were misuse the eagles. They looked not quite right. The forty niners just had to kind of deal with those situations. They didn't need a quarterback to produce some magic. They needed a game manager to do the things that needed to be done. Ghassem running back injuries. You just need to make some good decisions not give the ball away and pretty much. Jimmy g. just did that. He likes to remind him out of the. It's a great point and it reminds me so much of of their super bowl run of a few years back right and it was all the chalk in miami. Of course all the talk was on garoppolo in going said that super bowl because of what had happened in the championship game and the fact that he had very little to do and when you are being assessed to that degree not least in contrast with bathrooms one of the most extraordinary plays of his occupant generation. It's it's a very difficult thing but it raised the question which i guess is is a similar one that was raised a few years back in the super bowl and during his time that with jared goff the rams the limitations are this play at when you have an mind like call shanahan or of course. Children mcvay in. La are they holding as these quarterbacks holding them back and is that what where people are thinking. That trayvon's is role. You've told us on on this. Showed up at the time in the last year upside. Great talent pats the most raw of those five quarterbacks that went in in the first round. But it's not the expectation that e comes in. He is going to enable the forty niners to take it to the next level in terms of range and innovation one hundred percent basically. What the rams did from going from gough to stafford is what it will be going from. Jimmy g. to trae lance once trae lance. He's ready right. jimmy. G. is holding back before kyle shanahan and shanahan will know that which is why they traded up and gave up so much to get trae lonzo someone. They absolutely coveted because they know his limitations. There's no point putting trae lansing right now. Absolutely none died he. I don't think would have won that game whereas jimmy g. will have wanted it win it and that's that's a really key point. That for all of the obsession and understandable obsession with electrifying. Expansive freewheeling offense we want to see the will love to see that as fans of the game but but inevitably it detracts wrong. The effectiveness of play garoppolo. So yes do you have the increased possibility and potential in range with a plan that has more rural talent than different and different rule skills. But we shouldn't underestimate the fluency and efficiency of play. I like garoppolo. Anna's we've seen many times in the. Nfl can be enough. It can be enough to win a championship..

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