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Your counted down let's hear a debtfree scream otter naughty thousand paid out at twenty three months megawatt idea to twenty three two one why blair to go you guys that's how it's done that is how it's done open phones this hours we talk about your life in your money stella is in canada highest della how are you kd i really think you're sure all the time i have to admit i am not bought your books because we have the opposite situation we've never been in debt we just are responsible spenders but we also have a daughter who's the seat so at the age of twenty three she's got one hundred thousand dollars in the bank we don't know how to wisely counselled her we're very safe we just do our or as peas taxfree saving accounts but i don't know a responsible resources to use so that she kid you know start using that money to invest in new 24 her well you wanna do it the thing i would want her to learn our is two major rules rule number one is do not invest in anything unless you you understand that this with me or you talking to her not because stylish had to do it or not because i said to do it you don't put money on something because someone else said to you you do it because you understand it that's the kiss rule the keep it simple stupid rule right and i do that myself i don't put money in something if i don't if i can't figure it out and there are some things that are more complicated than old dave can get that i don't put money in it and if you're 25 you take your time and you learn step by step about something and now the second one is tied to that and that is never work with financial people that have the heart of a salesman were right financial people that have the heart of a teacher because their job for this twenty five year old or for you or for me is to teach us about an investment and let us understand it otherwise we can't invest in it because of rule number one and so i wanted to.

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