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Comes with being able to to hit a sticky fast to key curveball or whatever a pitcher has to have on the mound is an macho. I think what i do as baseball players swaggart country boys i would pick. I would find a really sexy couple. Pick their sexy baby. And then i'd be charged because it'd be a dumb baby and then as the region i'd be. I'd be sitting eating cherry tomatoes in a fur coat until and then trying to burn my son and oil people will love. The sexy baby sexy. You'll never care that you're the power behind the three. Exactly sexy baby just rolls around hanging out with with With white rappers. And i'm the one that's Pulling the strings it sounds pretty. Don't you want to hang out with harry and meghan or whatever. Your sexy baby's doing you don't care. Oh percent. Do i want to hang out with celebs kept you kept you off. Epstein's playing sure did yeah hanging hang on celebs. Never it's never as good as it seems but in the unlikely event that social media still exists. Facebook and twitter and instagram are archived at omnibus project. Our respective handles our names. Ken jennings and john roderick. Although you can find me now mostly on patriot on slash john roderick dot com slash. Get that paper. I i would like to email us at the omnibus project at You can email us our congratulations and other and also all of your here. Fact checking send us pictures of your good-looking babies for application purposes. You can support this show by sending us the golden urn or its contents as long as its contents are gold to patriots dot com slash rodrick. Actually if you're going to send us the earn you would send it to po box..

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