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For that i think it is too early because i you know i i did a lot of that at msnbc for a while and you know it as the never trump as trump emerged and the never trump movement emerged suddenly people that i used to square off with we're on the same side i mean i think that that happened t you u evoked me and jennifer rubin one time and you're kind of you're sitting underlying a day later conserve and rail on for the washington post she's in our life i think a lifelong republican so you know it's been very interesting it's harder for for i think both uh msnbc and cnn's have really find credible you know protrump people uh so oh you know we'll we'll see i just on trying to keep my trying to keep my mind open and not form any early expectations in i'm just really excited for the opportunity well good luck at cnn thank you and we're glad to hear today my guest is joan walsh and yes virginia every vote really does count including one the democrats thought had been disqualified have you been following that i have been following it odd happened after my piece went up uh you know the the this is i in newport news virginia fascinating race because the woman's shelly simon's who wander winning was declared the winner on after a recount jumped into the race late uh the person who was the democratic nominee dropped out and so she was really playing catch up and just did a tremendous job uh solid progressive on so after this recount she held a press conference with a lot of virginia democrats are the virginia republican party the the.

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