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Chance of rain highs will be in the low to mid sixties. This report is brought to you by 12 Hour Musa necks from the Southern California Toyota Dealers. Traffic Center. We make it easy. We've got something broken down on the 22. It's a vehicle a car. It's in the city of orange on the 22 east at the five Freeway. Somebody broke down here. Middle traffic lane is blocked. So that is giving you a little bit of volume right around the city. Dr Bellflower 91 westbound before Bellflower Boulevard four car wreck here. That's in the second lane from the left that jam up starts at 605 K. If I and this guy is sponsored by injury, Attorney Superwoman Super Lawyer calm Fr. Given the 2 10 a checkup. You bet you will. First the westbound drive now coming away from the 57 over towards over. There was 605 and then continuing into Pasadena. That's all in pretty good shape down, trying to buy a little bit of time here to get a better look at this problem. We got quite a problem here on the eastbound. He's bound to 10 that long transition actually starts around some flour to the South 57 right in the middle of that red, the apex of the term right outside the Glendora Order Center. Is a crash in the right lane. Fire departments down there. We're trying to help people on along with sage be so left lanes open right linens brought back up almost onto the eastbound to 10. Be careful going through. Please do that an accident. Superwoman Super Lawyer calm Jeff Bob K F Eye in the sky Having sponsored by I Accident, lawyer Calm Hey, if I and this guy helps get you there faster. I'm robbing banks it by an uber lift. They carry big insurance. Let's get what you deserve that lawyers later go call 9081.

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