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And I did a sequin one for me that I over died black fit in with the theme of the collection, so Anna, and I have the the two couture versions of the Hillary Rodham Clinton t shirt, but I've made T shirts for Hillary before. Yeah. Do you feel very excited about Hillary potential next president? Yes, I do. I mean, I'd like to see her as president of the United States. What did you feel about the current current climate of primaries? Man and machine a circus MAC, I'm not I'm not really very political. I didn't really pay much attention. Let me ask you a question if you can address this how do you feel about the current climate of the fashion world outside of your world? You know, there's Al Baz kicked out of his company Raeside over pressure. Lisa company. Rumors of heavy spam on grace cards and those into a deal, but she's baby four for big issues ear so there's so much change going on. There seems like fashion always changes. I don't know what's going on. I mean, it seems like the beginning of the year or in the beginning of each year. There's always like some shakeup or people moving around or rumors of this when leaving or that one coming or whatever, and you know, what I just really stick to my own stuff. So I I mean, of course, you hear the rumors you hear the gossip you interpret things, but I try to look at you know, what I've got on my plate. And the next thing I know that we've got a resort collection. We gotta do we have an ad campaign. We have to shoot and just kind of worry about my world, and what I need to do and how I can contribute to my part of fashion. And and what I what I can do. Do you feel very good about not having to go to Paris, all these beautiful Paris? Yes, I'm Paris. It's kind of double edged sword. You know? It's like when you do something for so many years, and you don't have it. You feel good. You know? It's like, I'm sure it's like anybody who's used to going to the shows when they don't they can moan and groan about the shows. How many there are? And the schedule. But when you don't have it you feel it's the absence loss. So I think, you know, I, certainly I'm not working less. I put a lot of energy and effort into what we're doing here. And I'm very happy about that. But when it is Paris fashion week, I get that kind of Monty feeling like I should be doing a show, I should be closing Peres fashionably. So your recent ad campaign at looks like a lot of people from the rainbow. Ultimately, Bo transgendered people. Yes. So it's the bringing to that world is ultimate world lifestyle is bringing on fascist which a lot of people would not do at Cam as I explained in a lot of the captions, Nick. And I wrote a nickname Bolden. I wrote these captions for the ads, and how the visuals were Inara, you know, sort of this visual narrative, and it all started when gay marriage was passed. And that's when I went to. I mean throughout the states. I went to work the next day said we should do red white and blue because I remember reading on Miley Cyrus feed on Instagram like how proud she was to be an American. And I thought what it was like for me to be an American what America meant to me. And of course, America for me is New York City. So I thought about the diversity of the city and the people you know, that I grew up within. So he didn't wanna do like a U N or like, the, you know, Benneton campaigners something, but I thought about the people that inspired me, and the people that inspire me, it isn't gender specific it isn't sexual preference. Pacific. It is an age. You know, I don't care if people are younger or. Older white with Iraq. Or whatever it's like, I don't know color. I don't know age. I don't know gender..

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