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You get to your favorite live event support them because they support us. All right last week on the program. We heard from nutritionist to the stars George Lockhart. He came out of retirement. He says I'm fighting one more time, I'm fighting in August. And if there's one man that I wanna fight. It's Mike Dolchai. Let's give you a little refresher. If we can't do we have that clip before we say Hello to Mike doce because we're about to get his response to it. All here's George Lockhart on the program last week, a lot of people ask me who wanna fight. And as as food. There's anybody wanna might be it might be my goal. Jay. That'd be a fight that I wanna make you know is a lot of things that is brought up about me. He's like my character is attacked our company. Dan rea. He's my business partner. The guys, you know, he's a former jar head. He's he's a foreign marine my my business partner. Tony cabinet the military own comedy. You know, Tony cap was one of the first guys Sidey Arabia. Dan, reefers bronze star recipient like a marine as well. And you go online and just in really talks about my entire team. And now, let's say Hello to Michael chair there. He is the F forementioned doce who's got a great setup there. Wow. Where are you Mike? We are in my own studio here in the beautiful beach town of Belmar New Jersey area, we relocated part of the business to the east coast, and we built out this amazing multi use specifically so not quite ESPN studios. But we're not that far behind my van, man. This is amazing stuff. Well, done congratulations. Okay. So let's not beat around the Bush here. George comes on the show. Let me I ask you where you blindsided by this or did you did you did you have a feeling? This was coming. No. I was completely blindsided. I was in DisneyWorld with my beautiful.

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