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Yeah so that was my sort of weak Dylan imitation on that guy. I just now that you brought up caddyshack and you see we jump around all over the place but I have to ask about Mr night. I have to get up and jump around for Mr night was on was on one of the on the solo records records. Don't keep the fire. Yeah so written for caddyshack pre existed pre exit. Well I don't know you know time and me don't get along okay but maybe I wrote it now it pretty. I'm pretty sure it preexisted of that was Me and Richard Steckel A musician out of Laguna Beach. We were writing a steely Dan Song. The goal was to write a lyric that no one would understand. I had to search my wife loves that song and we never knew what it was about and we found out the DUT Tomasa was that that was a car. ARTEM Anisimov Lamborghini too. Yeah and I. I just got invited by Jay Leno to be on his car show with him and he sits there any car in the world that you'd like to drive and I thought well I could tie that song in and drive perfect any and then somebody said yeah and if you step on the gas wrong you're dead said well maybe maybe a Volkswagen. Here's the hello. Here's has nothing to do with anything. Of course I'm good at that stuck in the middle with you they sued What Tarantino Garo Crow? Oh Sheryl Crowe weirding yeah. What was that song bad? Yeah I'LL WANNA do yes. Yes yeah loose affiliation. Lilian Wilder Hilbert impressed. I can go back to sleep not remembering one thing. Today's good for you. I will note Danny Sung Yung seventeen seventeen and how corner you were seventeen. Amazing thank you gotTa tell the house at Pooh corner story. Is it such a good story. I know you've told it a lot. Look really terrific So I was First Year of what would be a year and a half at City College in Pasadena and a buddy of mine and I would go around singing for friends and I taught him how Super Karner stuff that so anyway he is Doug Ingalls let's be said I I. There's a girl I want you to meet. And so we went out to her house and anyway the story is that I as a songwriter. I went to different Parties around Hollywood and I would sit around and the guys would show guys and girls would show up with their guitars. We'd sit circle and take turns trading tunes and at this one particular party house there with a couple of guys in a circle were from the nitty gritty dirt. Band and I had written the House Pooh Corner Song by that time and they loved the song about the bear they were making their i. Guess Second Record is that was the first. That was the uncle Charlie record and they want to do the song about the bear and about a month into the process. I got a phone call from Bill Bill McClellan. Who was the manager had been? He said I had to tell you this but we can't record that song. The Disneyland serve all over it. They they've got a copyright on that guy and we can't on way too on Winnie the Pooh and we can't do the sunk and I never even thought about you know copyright on just a book I read Red United to know about that stuff that and so I I was going on a date and I told Marnie I said Kinda bombed. I thought my first song recorded and it's not gonNA happen. The Disney liars killed it in the water and she said Disney Liars. Well let me talk to daddy about that. Her daddy was the CEO of the Disney Corporation. Incredible no improving. There is. This guy is looking out for that is Qismat told you a lot of lucky things happen in a career to make a career happen. You know some kind of guided thing that happens every now and then and doing the research on you. That came up a lot. You feel like lock has played a live very active the role in various successes. And you while you may day and now for both adults and children Oh Yeah Oh ah call it music to make an enjoy children by insert but yeah that's the first one return to Pooh corner When I realized that Well I was about to have my fourth child and I realized that Barney was going to enter my life again in a big way. Panicked is somebody's gotTa make a record. The parents can listen to. That's a public service. You did the Card Walker Card Bachelor and I told the story talk the CEO of the Disney Corporation. I worked for the company and I'd never heard for Card Walker occurred walker before so how to do my research that is that is a lot of luck. Yeah Yeah then in. Another lucky break was Danger Zone I wasn't supposed to be the singer on that They had the. There's a lot of urban legend around that Kevin have been what's his name. Reo He thought he was Cronin. Yeah he was supposed to sing it. But also Mickey Thomas of the starship. He was supposed to sing it. But the lawyer and also Toto there there was some talk of Todo doing it and But I guess their lawyers screw up and finally I got a call from Georgio. MORODOR's office that said I was in. I was in the studio down the street recording complain with the boys a song that I've written for the volleyball scene. 'cause I knew no one would write for that scene and I got a call from his office said. Are you available eligible. We need a singer tomorrow. Because we have to dub this into the movie in like two days so I said is it UPTEMPO because I've been writing nothing but ballads and they said Yeah. It's a rocker. I'm there so I just showed up made a few tweaks on the tune and we recorded it. Am I crazy or is that the song where you were trying to inject a little Tina Turner. That's will you go deer. That's or good. I perhaps that's That's true I I was. I was deep into the Latina. was doing an air resurgence. And I sort of if you listen to that danger zone thing was taboo. Ah I love that you. That musicians are influenced enough by other musicians to try to do a little bit of mimicry. Bring in a little dylan here. Tina Turner there. There is no me actually. I'm just weak versions of other people. Now you're dangerous. Shown to me is like boy royal if anything says eighties movies yeah. That's on her. Yeah it's it's amazing how it's made this comeback Doc. It's it's iconic now as another time where it just didn't matter. I could put it in the show and and full is to footloose wouldn't get people up and dancing for yeary wasn't cool especially at the back end of the disco era and then all of a sudden it was cool again. Is that you singing. footloose so there's hope for you yet. Yeah you may come back into hanging. I want one other thing about long as in Messina. When you guys guys and by the way those records for me you know there were certain albums in the seventies that everybody had to have like tapestry and yellow brick road and sitting in and on stage were? Yeah those were those were must own for wearing where exactly you live longer. That explained to the gold rush that were certain albums albums that everybody had to have when you guys got together again after so many years I found this interesting you know. The dynamics had changed so dramatically between twin. You weren't feeling competitive anymore. Oh yeah that that the change of you would just getting older seasoned and and it's funny money. It takes a conscious effort to break out of that old habit you know like like the partnerships like Martin and Lewis and people like that that that just end up hating each other forever so good example you know and there's we were twenty one twenty two twenty three years old all together figuring out who we were as individuals and suddenly were thrust into a a duo situation where were attracted to the same women we reach for the same code on the the store hanger. It's like we just were to in sync and there became.

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