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It's time for news and comments by the Colonel Ann frontlines of freedom let's. Start with the news leader Josh Robert Wilkie recently took the oath of office to, become the new secretary of veterans affairs and has taken over a, department riddled by poor morale among employees and political infighting at the. Top at a White, House ceremony President. Trump looked on as vice President Mike Pence swore in Wilkie age fifty five North Carolina who served as an intelligence officer in the navy and holds the rank of Colonel in the air force reserves President Trump. Said Wilkie was taking on. Quote, a very very tough and important position since day one my administration has been focused on serving the men and women who make freedom possible are great veterans these heroes deserve the best and they will have, it under Robert. Wilkie and quote Wilkie. Was coming to the VA from post at the, Pentagon and Trump joke that Defense Secretary Jim Mattis was the only one upset by the move. Trump said Wilkie had the task of implementing key legislation passed in his administration. The via mission act expanding private, healthcare Options and, the VA accountability and whistle blower Protection Act aimed at speeding up the process of firing poor performers. For decades the bureaucracy was more about giving power and bonuses to the most senior leaders and supporting all the union demands for the employees taking care of the vets was not, a priority but it is now I think we have the right, man in the job he's got one huge challenges to be dealt, with let's keep him, in our prayers Late last. Month a, top air force general said that China's massive investment in artificial, intelligence technologies may soon leave the US at a major disadvantage Lieutenant General Vera Lynn dash Jameson deputy chief. Of staff for intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance on the air, staff at the Pentagon said quote speed is of the. Essence in the digital age and quote she painted, a grim picture while great instigator Russia has the desire to do Embiid experiments with artificial intelligence China already has the means for example China is building several digital artificial. Intelligence cities in a military civilian partnership to understand how AI will be propagated as it strives to become the global leader in. Technology the city's track human movements to artificial facial, recognition software watching citizens every move as they go about their day general Jameson. Said to the air force association quote we estimate. The total spending on artificial intelligence Systems, in China in two thousand seventeen was twelve billion dollars we also estimate that it will grow to at. Least seventy billion dollars by two thousand twenty and quote, our nation faces many major threats internationally we need to. Pull together as a nation so that we can, remain strong and able to impact the world Our army has awarded a bronze star for valor to a seventy, nine year old veteran of the eighty second airborne division for his bravery in the Dominican Republic in nineteen sixty five William gaslight was serving as a sniper team leader with company a first, battalion five hundred fourth parachute infantry when his unit was deployed, to, the Dominican Republic to restore, order after civil war. Broke out gash lawyer and, his team were on, a, rooftop in the heart of Santo Domingo when rebel forces, fired. On their position wounding two of his fellow paratroopers in a recent army news release recalling the events of may thirteenth nineteen sixty five. Casler said quote, if, this man bleeds out he's going to die I called for a medic but under the machine gunfire the medic could. Not advance to our position and quote gash ler directed a wounded Emmanuel block to move to safety and risk his own life to move Alan. Isaac Isaacson out of harm's way gash ler said quote I picked him up and carried him off the rooftop Under intense, machine gunfire and got him to safety and quote both wounded, paratroopers, were stabilized and evacuated gash, team fought off the. Rebel attack and helped restore, order so democratic elections, could, be held fifty three years later gash ller from Sanford, North. Carolina received the bronze star medal with Vida vice for his heroin actions that day the news release stated that gash lers daughter worked. With the veterans, legacy, foundation to ensure her father was recognized for his heroism I'm delighted to see one more forgotten hero recognized for his actions US recovery teams could be on the ground in North Korea by next spring to. Search for the remains of service members lost during the Korean war if our thaw in relations continues according to the Pentagon's top POW m. i. a. official retired Air Force Major, general Kelly, mckeag to rector of the defense POW MIA accounting agency said. Quote our. Collective goal is to commence field operations in the DPRK next spring we have. Not, yet reached an agreement with the DPRK regarding future field recovery's however we are. Working closely with our DOD, State Department and national Security Council partners on this matter and quote his statement was made to the National League of POW MIA families and veterans groups and mills. Griffiths the longtime advocate for, the families of the missing and board chairman of the league said the return of fifty five sets of remains thought to, be those of us servicemembers last month. Was an encouraging first step but noted that North Korea has gone Back on its commitments in the past she asked will they be serious in future talks on more recovery's and will there. Be compensation North Korea has previously demanded payment for its cooperation in joint recovery efforts Defense Secretary Jim Mattis told Pentagon reporters regarding remains recovery's quote obviously we want to continue with, humanitarian effort, and quote when asked why the North Koreans had handed over. Only fifty. Five transfer cases when the US had been led to expect that there may. Be, as many as two hundred he said it was a good question Mattis also. Said it is impossible at, this point to tell whether the remains are those of us service members or those of allies in addition animal bones had been mixed in with human remains in. Previous recovery's the remains have, been flown to Hawaii to begin the painstaking process if identification at DP labs which could take years in some cases it's, great to see progress in this effort We don't want. To ever, leave anyone behind and that's the news this is coming up on. Frontlines of freedom all share comments by the kernel that won't enjoy. Some warrant wisdom and then we'll talk with our coastguards master chief, petty officer at he's troops take a break Leroux, is comfortable.

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