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Not like the unique genius of joe biden to like make yourself seem like you're working on something But you know it's a good idea. thank you think. Also i mean now we live in a world without donald trump on twitter. And you do sort of see the power that like it really was that combination like he had a blog. The blog didn't even last a month. And i think like we probably also be on this like need to think about the fact that like facebook and twitter really could be like. Actually you need to go away and he really did like. It was a very unique combination that against donald trump were still on twitter. I think the biden presidency would probably look a little bit different. The controversies of day to day to be different and we you know what he still have the ability to command at least some of the new cycle even being out of the white house but absolutely right whereas as was like my hot historical take is that the trump era and on january eighth when he gets indefinitely banned from twitter. Because you really did see just immediately that his ability to command the political oxygen went totally out the window so maybe donald trump who is a little less keen on defending his supporters at all costs and doesn't turn january. Sixth into a thing is a much bigger problem for joe biden right now. More useful foil for by. I mean it's not it's it's not totally clear to me. What the like. Net impact of reduced trump twitter. Visibility is on different kinds of things right because like with some of this stuff. You know. I mean i feel like republicans have on one level like regain some of their political footing right like they don't talk a lot about their opposition. To biden's more popular idea as they just quietly obstruct in congress. They try to fill the news agenda with other stuff. Where like they want. Very conventional patriotic education and democrats are trying to teach you critical race theory. That's a good conversation for them. I think trump actually filling that void would be more likely to message this stuff in a bad way right like he's not he. He's just like kind of sloppy guy. I think gutu. Not you know the needle while he never did a good job of like you know like holding straight face and being like we're really concerned about the impact of crime on communities of color you know like there's like there's like an art to like wedge issue that like i think trump really did not master And you know having him. Down as a messenger i think is probably that official joe. Republicans i mean. There's a reason why like they will jump up and down and yell and scream about the evils of social media companies when they want to but like they're actually very restrained about trump being off social media. Yeah i don't know all of this is a good The idea that this is a sweet generous. Trump is not what the authors of this paper are trying to say. They are trying to say that. Twitter is something similar to if with a smaller than lake the extent to which watching fox news people to the right or reading the washington post moves them to the left. I think all of us are all right. Now are not super persuaded. That that's the case. But i guess we'll see if we'll we'll see the next time. Donald trump is not on the presidential ballot whether or not twitter is still a meaningful mover of public opinion. And i also. I also wanted to say like the reason. I'm i'm skeptical right. 'cause i'm i'm sort of a believer in the fox news effect but like thing about fox's that it was started by roger ailes who's conservative but was a conservative political operative. So he possibly trying to do programming. That will house electoral impacts. Twitter is not a then you for message discipline right like if you ask people now probably if you could get like the smartest message testers to like make every nor me liberal on twitter like deliver talking points like that might have that kind of in but like that's not what's going on. I'd love to see someone tried to study. The impact of twitter on attitude changed right because the flip side of that is that twitter is a great way to take like fairly radical left wing ideas and present them to people who are at the seventy of the percentile of progressiveness to ninety nine. Right like intuitively. I feel like there's a lot of that on twitter right. Like not taking ideas from forty to seventy but taking ideas from like five to thirty twitter is full ride like for for better or worse like eccentric things that would be kept. Aw gatekeepers don't want to deal with get voiced on twitter and spread around right. But then that if i just that immediately then go to like these three guys on twitter saint x y z and the other three guys on twitter. I like we must pick at this exact thing and then we them to the twitter howl that is every day. This is like super far afield from the paper. But i do want to take this opportunity to give a shout out to the internet in general. Because i am seeing a lot of like a good amount more knee-jerk skepticism of pieces. That pull out you know. Random people's tweets as evidence of some kind of social media phenomenon or backlash and as a big believer in the fact that Everything that someone thinks of click. Bait is a rational response to what people want to read or consume if people can successfully starve. The social media says x. y. z. From attention when it's not talking about individuals or particular groups with powerful followings. Then we're probably going to be able to move past that so optimistic i mean. Do we remember ellie kemper. Gay just last week okay. That's fair highly driven by twitter nut picking that's their Who knows okay. That i think i think we should should wrap this up. Set up we're getting into the official loopy period day. Thanks emily for joining us at thanks. It's always to our sponsors. Thanks our producer tanakh news. We'll be back. I'm.

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