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Sirens going off and drills this daily thing. Cambridge is surrounded by a military basis. Or it's at risk of being attacked by german bombers when the alarm sounds students are supposed to grab the gas masks run outside but nineteen. Year old rosen. However stays in her room or she wants to do is study. Oh my god. I cannot even imagine studying for an extremely difficult stem degree with that. All going on that's incr- just so. She studies super hard. She does really well and eventually she's awarded a research fellowship at newnham college in the lab of one ronald george raeford norrish a biochemist who were later received the nobel prize but this is part of the second reason why life was hard for rosalind. They were only to women's colleges a cambridge so she was very much in the minority women particularly in the science faculty very strongly discriminated against. Discrimination will be repeated part of this story frustrated salting with ronald norris who Runs the lab that she's been offered the fellowship in. She didn't guess. I'm very well with him understatement. She actually called him quite stupid. Bigoted deceitful. ill-mannered anti-wrinkle good for her. I'm glad she's outspoken about it at the very least okay. Here's my question though. Why would she even have been given a place in the lab if he was such a horrible man like does he get any say having a woman in the lab and he's like oh yes i will just have this person just wants the person power god and she's really good. He's gonna want the best students that he can be into her because he can will ahead quite an impact actually because she stopped during a phd. She said to her father that she thought it was more important to do. More work than gets phd. Any guesses what she moves onto next. I know a lot of women became nurses. not necessarily. I would be so impressed if you got this. I guess some kind of x ray operator. Okay well that's clever so she gets a phd. in col- i'm sorry coal. Yes as in like a lump of coal yup so yeah rosalie. Franklin leads to london and she works with a british coal utilization research association studying the structure of coley..

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