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Have started that press conference but the the feet is is really choppy. I have put. I tried the the close captioning but it doesn't really matter because when the when it stops you then jumps forward so I think we'll just We'll just we'll let the let the reporting and maybe actually I do see on there I do see on their facebook website. video they'll have they'll have the video later and you'll be able to probably watch it and and I'M GONNA assume it'll maybe it'll be maybe it'll be better as a as a video Then trying to do this live They've got They've got extensive Visual AIDS and they're showing what feels like it's almost not. I think you're better off to be honest. You might be better off going through the The written indictment which is easily a the links all over the place That'll help you understand what they're suggesting. transpired in terms of the mechanics. And I read that one paragraph earlier and You know the the scheme and the schemes to execute essentially And it's it I mean it's it'll be it'll be fascinating reading and We'll get we'll get everybody Tomorrow I suppose to help You know decipher what is involved. Meanwhile let's get back we've got Visits coming up with Doug O'Neill in about fifteen minutes and right now by Baffler joins US Bob. Good Morning. Good morning couple of thing. Then it's been it's been a crazy morning man. You think I will my phone. I got up to this point pleasant I go. I couldn't believe what I was seen and this is just horrible horrible. It's it's an. I wish I was GONNA be. We'd be willing to run the audio but The thing is it keeps stopping and starting. But everybody's GonNa read this indictment and we'll know more specifics You know that As the day goes forward but You know I it's it's GonNa be. I imagine that you know well received I in in most quarters about You know the opportunity to make a clear statement about no longer tolerating and and doing everything possible to root out the cheating I mean it. It's maddening to everybody from other horsemen to owners the betting public. It's that seems to be the initial reaction Bob. Now it's up to me. I've always I'm a little bit eat sometimes and I always thought well you know maybe.

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