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Qc exotic are so Ba kevin talked about other types of plugs are than the up and down so as we go up that skill. you have much montessori. That's right and so so he remember we were saying earlier fathy the up of the down downpours only account for something like a percent or so of the massive proton or neutron. There are works. That are many times heavier than that. So the next one up in masses call strange pork then after that you have. What's called a charm quirk in bottom quirk and then finally top core and Unlike what we were talking about before when you have a handwriting that has for example. A bottom quirky charm quirk image in those cases. Those heading works really do make up a much larger fraction of the total mass of the whole address that they live in. So so what. Basically saying is that the typical scale of huntings of energies that are associated with all of these multiple glue on exchanges. Inside of ron's is somewhere in between the the the the the the mass scale of the whitest works in the mass scale of the heavier. Quarks so this should give us So do do become understanding of so let me ask you did from the audit protocol where you have instead of up and down. You have the top in strange and our other types of here. We don't call. The trade hunts every time you make an exchange of one flavor. That's the terminology for another. You produce a different kind of hadron so for example if you were to take a proton and you were to take out to take out one of its down quirks or you know one of upwork's in replace it with a strange quirky could a different kind hadron called sayeh. A sigma barry on the charm. Work can start. Creating things called lambda sea barry on so forth and so each one of these permutations of the different combinations court flavors corresponds to different particle with different attributes. There are relationships between them buff. You have to go off. Measure of what is their mass water coupling to other particles. What is its lifetime before. It decays and yes. You can oath to be able to predict some of those things based your theories but you have to go off. Measure.

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