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Ones up with Dr Michael Richmond, who I consider being may well have saved my life. He's such a talented doctor. Julie Hartman is on the show with me. She is once a week, usually Thursdays, but she won't be here Thursday. So she's on today. Talking about the loss to her generation of this last year and a half. It is a crime. In my opinion, a crime was committed by scared. Left wing adults. Scared and left wing. Not not all the scared or left wing. All the left wing are scared. So there are scared, even non leftists. Whoever committed a crime against your generation. And especially those younger than you. Keeping kindergartners from each other. Was a crime. The whole thing the amount of people suffering on earth hundreds of millions because of the lockdown. When they could have even used therapeutics. But folks Romek then makes pharmaceutical companies no money. Hydroxychloroquine wakes that makes them no money. Vaccines make them hundreds of billions of dollars. You think that's irrelevant? To the corrupt American Medical Association to the corrupt Journal of the American Medical Association. I don't Never said this before. I used to defend my spent much all of my broadcast, like defending pharmaceutical companies. Funny how we've switched now the left. They're big fans of Big Pharma. The biggest advocates of Big Pharma as they used to describe pharmaceutical companies. The biggest critics were the left. Now they're the biggest allies the corrupt world of pharmaceutical money. Don't deny at all. What I've said. All these years, pharmaceutical companies have saved lives, including my own. What Truth is, truth, folks. The stuff that's been done to your generation. I mean, just even in the education process you've been shipped. You've been you've been cheated of an education. Yeah. And indoctrination for $70,000 a year. That is that fair to say. Mostly, yes. So well, what would the average person your age you're 21 listening? To this think Oh, this is nonsense. It was very important. They saved my life with lockdowns. They just right. They assume they're just being denial. Yes. Total denial. So there's somebody calling in here. Can in Corona del Mar, California Can Julie gather like minded students to count their leftists? I would love to. How do you gather them? I don't know. Maybe you can tell me where I can find them. Well, there there. How do we find them Anywhere? This is the issue of having people come out of the closet. Your descriptions. Of I think it's worth briefly repeating. That after you first appeared on this show, which was a very tortured moment for you whether to do so you had what you call two weeks of hell. Actually spoke about you. I think my lecture in Saint George this weekend. And Uh, Then. It's sort of like passing through the crucible. And how'd you come out of that two weeks? Came out of it because it was harder for me to stay silent about it than it was to be open and hated. Plain and simple. That's how I came out of it. That's worth italics sizing. It was harder to stay silent. Than to be public and be hated. Yes. Cool. That's.

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