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Watch out for the left Lane Guard rail crew's here before Cockney Street. In that Walpole stretch. Kevin Brennan. W B Z is traffic on the three Kevin for the forecast today. We've got lots of sun out there. But like it was yesterday, and even the day before you're going to notice. The son is sort of filtered out there. It's not quite a strong knot. Seeing any blue skies. Really? That's because of the smoke from the Western wildfires still high up in our atmosphere about 30,000 ft are air quality is okay here today because that smoke it's so high up in the jet stream, so that's good news. But again, we got that filtered sunshine today. A bit of a breeze coming out of the Southwest right now, about 18 Miles an hour in Boston breeze continuing into tonight with a low near 62, but everything clears out Tomorrow, even warmer with a bit of sun giving way to afternoon clouds High about 80 tomorrow a couple of showers tomorrow night And then for your Friday everything clears out and it becomes cooler again, too, with a mix of sun and clouds a high near 62 looking ahead to the weekend, of course, still a couple days out, but both Saturday and Sunday at this point, looking pretty good mix of sun and clouds both days. And seeing the high just about 60 both Saturday and Sunday, checking out the temperature's right now it's 72 in Manchester, New Hampshire, Singh 67 Southbridge 69 Wareham 70 Right over at the Cape Cod Canal and right now in Boston at 12 05 that milky Sunshine out there and words 71 degrees. Hurricane Sally battering the Gulf Coast this afternoon, dumping torrential rain in heavy but weakening winds. Hurricane Sally is slowly moving inland after it crashed ashore near the Alabama Florida State line. Early this morning correspondent David Big nose in Pensacola standing at about 40 mile per hour winds that are sustained but every once in a while, you'll get a gust of up to 80 MPH is something else goes off behind us. It's hard to hear what it is. We actually saw a surfboard flying behind it. Calls for help have been Coming in steadily depends a cola police. The department's Mike would We had one call where a tree went to AA house and officers went into they went through a wall to get the person to rescue them. We just had another call of a 100 year old lady That's needing help getting out of her home that is flooding now, and that's expected to be. The biggest problem is the storm heads north, then east, forecasters say. Sally could dump a CZ. Many is 3 FT. Of rain on seven areas. The storm has left about half a million customers more than that without power. From Florida to Louisiana. CBS News Special Report. I'm Peter King, and this just coming in a sheriff in Florida, says Hurricane Sally has knocked out a section of Pensacola's brand new three mile bridge. Very powerful Storm. Down to a category one but no less powerful. We're keeping an eye right here on W B Z 12 07 Developments this week in the fight against, according to the New England Journal of Medicine, an investigational drugs appears to slow the progression of.

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