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Could And maybe they have done that So that's that's possible. I i. I don't know like how much they're involving him. And all this right now but that's certainly possible. The other thing is that due to start thursday which is crazy. I would be shocked if he makes that. Start but We'll see It's been it's been a. It's been at some multi last week with the net. So who knows what happens. That i just i in listening to you and thinking about especially that nationally west. We're the third place team You know are the padres in there like seventeen games for whatever over five hundred you know. Usually the the best deal comes in at the last minute you and and you weren't that bidding war to develop so hopefully they don't. They don't do it too far in advance with respect to strasbourg in his season ending surgery. This is obviously The theme of his career is never been quite healthy enough and he's got all these years left on the seven year. Two hundred sixty five million or whatever was deal that he did a few years ago. How bad is this deal right now. For the franchise. Well it. it's a. It's the calamity from a sports standpoint. This is the worst contract work and I think with everything going on with the national. So you have all the trade stuff you have trade center testing positive for covert nineteen. Isn't that long ago. You had a game suspension. Due to gunfire outside national part but number one development over the last few weeks is what came out yesterday with strasbourg. This is a huge deal. What he got diagnosed with i. I don't think this is getting attention. This this thing that he got diagnosed with the rafic outlet syndrome. That is a doomsday. Scenario for pitchers l. That that that is what tommy. John surgery was like thirty years ago. Like we don't now at tommy. John guys undergo it come back from a just fine sometimes come back from but he did better. Some is under. Got it all time. -til let is something very different -til as a career record a career ruined her when people talk about someone like that horrible. What happened to that. Rv t. asses is what happened to matt. Harvey ruined matt harvey. He'll let has ravaged careers. And you know what strasbourg i have to say. I genuinely feel sorry for like he. His career never going to be the same now his career and i'm not trying to beat dramatic. His career in essence could be over because of this procedure that he's supposed to undergo on wednesday. We don't know what he's going to pitch again. Matt harvey comeback in pitch. He actually pitched pretty well against the nats on saturday night. Because i was there. But how many careers has it ended. Ended like okay. Harvey's career is over. But he's never the same again. Harvey underwent this josh beckett underwent visit. You know it's not a lengthy list because it's it's not something that everyone undergo is there. Anybody been a success after it. No not really not. I mean. Alex cobb under win it though. He's been okay but no one comes back from it. And it's like as good as he was before. Okay and especially with someone like strikes for recruits already. There was thirty th and has a lengthy injury history. This does not look good at all. Like i really can't overstate this. This is this was horrendous news. And it's horrendous for him personally and it's horrendous for the nationals. This contract is a complete the bockel debit years. Two hundred forty five million dollars. He's made seven. Total starts over these last two regular seasons and the striper who we came to know right in two thousand nineteen. There's a very good chance we never see that again. I don't even know if he's gonna make it through this contract. In fact i think it's almost fifty fifty whether he ends up happening retire at some point over the next few years and again i i don't say this stuff flippantly. I'm not trying to be like overly all god you know. The world is ending like t. Os is a big deal in baseball. It's not good at all. It's basically the last thing you want is a pitcher baby. Bucked the trend. i mean. obviously everyone's going to be rooting or but But the this is a very bad predicament. That the accurate out with him and his contract in thinking about the team next year if you start unloading all those people. Obviously the untouchable is soto What are you really. I mean it's amazing that two years after winning the world series worst farm system and a team that no one will recognize when it takes the field in two thousand twenty two. Yeah i mean look. They couldn't theory create these guys and resign. Okay assures her say he wants to find a place to get traded to where he can stick around and sign an extension. You know if it's in. La or san diego san francisco. Right so i. I don't know how likely doing that. It's possible but look all these leaves you at the end of the year. So if you don't want to treat them They're to go by at the end of the season because stupid they. They read the writing on the wall to the people who don't let trait baxter's or what would be better than he walked away. He added a year little real content in fact for him. And that was it with al. We had some phone issues That we could not overcome their But it's great to catch up with al. Get his thoughts on the football team and certainly get his expertise as it relates to The net situation is they will be sellers here over the next twenty four to forty eight hours As we approach the trade deadline A few more things to finish up on right. After these words from a few of our sponsors sports are more than stats and scores there about people and stories. The lead is a daily sports podcast from one and the athletic it dives into the biggest sports stories of the day as told by one of the athletics reporters..

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