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Your one o'clock update. I'm Karen Curtis. Today flag day, it's also President Trump's seventy third birthday speaker of the house, highlighting what she calls. A graveyard of bills being buried by Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell leader McConnell seems to take great pride and calling himself, the grim reaper. It's part of his political campaign. It's part of the prize, you taste leader of the Senate. And as you see what he wants to bury none of these things going to pass. It won't even be voted on Nancy Pelosi pointed to more than a dozen bills approved by Democrats in the house that the Kentucky Republican is sitting on among them. One that would improve election security after Russia attacked the US election in two thousand sixteen others waiting for McConnell to act upon include the violence against women act and the equality act. A San Francisco democrat says, she's very happy with the work they've done in the house. But now understands why McConnell refers to himself as the grim reaper Mark Mayfield, NBC News Radio, SunTrust and BBN T or announcing that truest financial, we've the name of the new company wants the bank's merger is complete later this year? So the and tee center in sunrise would become the truest center, what a Republican calls story day, a democrat calls a waste of time today, you know, LUSA county gov- onto Santa's will sign a Bill banning sanctuary cities. State, Senator Joe Grutter. Sponsored the Bill that makes an illegal for cities, to ignore federal request to hold suspects who are in the country illegally. John Whitley's democratic state committee man for Okaloosa county and he tells the daily news, the Bill is just a dog whistle to the Republican base. Stephen Diener news talk. Eight fifty. W. F T L, a new report says most meat products won't come from animals by twenty forty consulting firm AT Kearney predict sixty percent of meat will be grown in fads, or made from plant based products in about twenty years. The report estimates more than a third of all, meet will be cultured at about twenty five percent will be Ican replacements. It concludes the global demand for me. It products will prompt a transformation, a more sustainable system than the slaughtering animals..

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