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See me? Yes. Fun. Sports flag. All right, J. R Patrick Mahomes is coming off the worst game of his young and so far brilliant NFL career. He will not waste time looking to bounce back. Step one. Surgery. Holmes play through this discomfort of a turf toe injury in the Super Bowl. He sustained that injury in the divisional round playoff game against the Browns. He undergoes surgery on Wednesday to repair that injury expected to make a full recovery by training camp. Long time NFL coach Marty Schottenheimer has died. 1 200 regular season games eighth all time coached in Cleveland, Kansas City, Washington and San Diego. Shot. Khyber was 77. The Nets were without Kevin Durant because of health and safety part of calls, but still we're expected to handle the Pistons. Instead, a lifeless Brooklyn lost to Detroit. 1 22 1 11 Steve Nashes postgame message to his team personal pride. Activity and coming together. Just resistance way can't start the game down. 10 be down 20 in the second half. I'm expecting you to come easy. Instead, the Nets come away with their third straight loss. The Utah Jazz have won 15 of 16 looking to improve the 20 and five on the season. They're playing the Celtics. Trailing that game late first quarter 27 to 19 Trailblazers lead the Magic 28 13 lead the first quarter in the fourth is the Warriors on top of the Spurs, 91 to 76. Pelicans won their fourth of the road. They beat Houston 1 30 to 1 on one and the Heat beat the Knicks for the second time in three days. 98 to 96. Tuesday night's game between the Capitals and flyers postponed because of covert issues. Affecting the Flyers. Former Flyers goalie Ron Hextall has been named the new general manager of the Pittsburgh Penguins. Couple of NHL finals, Oilers beat the Senators 32 Panthers, too. Red Wings one College Basketball. Alabama be South Carolina 81 to 78, West Virginia is playing Texas Tech leading to 53 49 11 15 to go on by Buesseler Hey, guys! D A tomorrow morning president of the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum..

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