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Rodham of the wrecking ball and they were lacking against leading to our Dallas it will not go down this is John I submit to you they now tell us will take several days to take the lead car downtown I submit to you it's time we take a stand we have time to gather strength in numbers take a stand and where is our general head of the stand in front of the leading caller does to protect it from demolition I mean where else this is like a Klyde Warren park the second where else do you see so many families clustered together having fun and joy in taking pictures is a Clive Warren park number two and you know what you had your chance to knock that thing down to chances and you failed hi so now you know what is ours we get to keep it you messed up twice two times over its ours you're done fox when I say we take back them leaning tower in Dallas that's ours now when it's done yeah this is it this is that they literally got a wrecking ball to knock it down and the wrecking ball is too small and they could it would if they try to bang it wouldn't even budge leave it to make it a landmark and tourist attraction in for ones we don't see a bunch of bombs gathered over there camping out we see families.

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