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About 22% more 78,000 people are flying so prepare for some long security lines On I 95 Luke Luger WTO P news Well there are more cars and trucks on the road and they're getting older The average vehicle is now 12.2 years old a record and it's not just that cars and trucks are lasting longer The ability to sell new vehicles has been constrained while demand has been strong And because of that people are being forced to keep vehicles on the road longer Todd Campo was with S&P Global mobility there are currently a total of 283 million registered cars and trucks on American roads Jeff Gilbert CBS News Detroit Coming up here look at sports and it just the thing on a hot summer day 1144 If you don't know PPC if you don't know SEO If you don't know OTT if you don't know targeted display social media management Website development Female marketing You don't have to All you need to know is 2060 digital we can help you with the digital marketing your business needs but maybe doesn't understand Or have time to execute 2060 digital is a Google premier partner That may not mean a lot to you but when you consider that only 3% of digital advertising agencies carry that designation it should If you're in charge of marketing for a business you likely have digital marketing questions and a 2060 digital we have answers To learn more about us and how we could potentially help your business visit our website 2060 digital dot com.

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