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This truly could be the rest of david's life. Because as i mentioned david doesn't have a lawyer anymore and he ran out of money and all of his first appeals and he's had a difficult time finding someone pro bono to take his case and that's been a battle in itself because nobody wants to do anything without money. You know russian. That i've learned the hard way outta sight outta mind but he hasn't lost all hope and that's because he's had sue on his side. Davis dog caja. You'd be here. Sue is david longtime advocate and knows more about the case than anyone. I feel pretty confident saying that. She has sent e every document interview. Transcript audio recording. You name it that. She has available in this case including her own reports. So how is he. David's dog did he have him in prison prison. Kerr way to be part of it because these kind of lifestyle real central so he would just kind of buddy after the guys who had dodged for the dog program so that he can hang out with the dog today. Sue is more than david's advocate. She's also his wife. They got married in two thousand eight and she goes by sue glass thorn now but before she got involved in david's case she was a family friend remember. She worked at the post office and was friends with david grandparent's and she couldn't believe what had happened to david guy. I knew that came into the post office that true hanaway and granddaughter time and you just license guy ever. I thought no. This can't be in her gut. She just believed in his innocence. She didn't know his supposed accomplice. Joe wilkes the young friend who told police. David had hired him to kill yvonne for three hundred dollars so nathan. I can't understand. there's got to be more. And when she started doing her own digging she did find more.

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