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With witness, tampering and other crimes. We'll have details on this coming up at seven o'clock, Paul Manafort, making his first court appearance in months as prosecutors and defense lawyers argue over whether the former Trump campaign chairman intentionally lied to investigators attorneys with special counsel, Robert Muller's office, say Manafort breached, his plea deal by repeatedly making false statements after he began cooperating with them in September manafort's lawyers say he simply had an inconsistent recollection of facts in events. Mitch McConnell and Chuck Schumer were in talks Thursday on a short-term spending deal to end the partial government shutdown with President Trump's reaction. Here's CBS's. Steven Portnoy at the White House as the Senate leaders try to work out a deal on a short term stopgap to reopen agencies. The president says he's open to a reasonable agreement speaking with reporters late Thursday. The president said he wouldn't be happy. If an eventual deal doesn't include wall funding buddy added he has alternatives. That again raised the specter of a national emergency declaration to have the military build the wall. A Chinese restaurant in mccandless has been ordered closed by the allegany county health department because of extensive roof leak the inspection empire palace on corporate drive found leaks in the walk in cooler prep area and dining area. The owner of the restaurant tells the post gazette repairs are underway to homes evacuated last night in squirrel hill after a landslide. Pittsburgh's public safety department says it happened about seven PM behind the homes on Rosemont lane. The post gazette reports city engineers were called into valuate the situation in the homes were evacuated as a precaution. The wolf administration is taking a step toward legalization of recreational marijuana in Pennsylvania with more. Here's Katie K radio's Joe to steal Lieutenant governor John Fetterman who favors legalization will go on what he calls, a listening tour of all sixty seven counties to gauge public opinion residents will also be able to sound off on a webpage governor, Tom Wolfe. Joined Fetterman in the announcement. What we don't want to do is make the same as we made with the opioid crisis. And that is just sinker heads into the sand and ignore what's going on out there until it's too late medical marijuana was legalized in Pennsylvania in two thousand sixteen. Wolf says the state can't ignore New York and New Jersey which are moving toward full legalization. Joe DO NewsRadio ten twenty Katie K. State Representative Ed Gainey will host a cannabis education forum Saturday from noon to four pm at the brushed in library in homeward in sports. Robert Morris beat Sacred Heart last night, the colonials at one seven of their last eight Jim colony will have more at six forty seven. It's six thirty three time to shop. Mike hamlin. Hyundai in Greensburg and get oil changes for life. Aaa traffic and AccuWeather coming up, you know, the books, right? I mean that's short for bouquets thoughtful flower center, you really really should know them. In fact, Forbes honored the books on their.

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