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Arresting dozens the storm several metro stations pepper spraying and beating protesters in random passer by that is right peacefully though as tens of thousands March despite a policeman demanding a complete end to an extradition bill China and direct elections of their leader on Sunday protesters were unsuccessful in shutting down Hong Kong's airport but temporarily shut down all transportation to the terminals a general strike kicks off today it's also the first day of the fall semester but university students say they are boycotting classes for two weeks I'm only saying and pure news Hong Kong in West Texas last night hundreds gathered at a local university in Odessa for a prayer vigil for the seven people killed in twenty two injured by a gunman over the weekend authorities have identified the suspect as a thirty six year old man and say he used what they said was an A. R. type weapon the shooting started after a routine traffic stop the man was later killed by police outside a busy movie theater police still searching for a motive this is NPR news. former British prime minister Tony Blair says British politicians are facing a critical juncture in history where spoke today at the institute for government as the house of Commons prepares to return from its summer recess this week lawmakers are expected to try to block a no deal brexit Blair says the opposition labor party should avoid any election calling it an elephant trap set by prime minister Boris Johnson this Labor Day several thousand Kaiser Permanente a workers will protest in the streets of five cities in the west and peers Eric Westervelt reports that the healthcare workers say they are fed up with low wages staffing shortages and excessive executive pay a coalition representing some eighty thousand Kaiser Permanente a workers in six states say members will conduct civil disobedience and March in Sacramento Oakland Los Angeles and Portland Oregon in several cities supporters will include clergy and lawmakers shown wearily with United healthcare workers says Kaiser is fixated on and reaching executives at the expense of worker pay benefits and patient care Kaiser has lost its way as a non profit were really says the Labor Day protests come as unions prepare to strike in early October a spokesman for Kaiser says the unions have repeatedly misrepresented the company's bargaining proposals and the Kaiser offers highly competitive salaries benefits and advancement programs Eric Westervelt NPR news San Francisco gasoline prices are lower than they were last Labor Day weekend.

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