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Come back from and that's why can't she is. She's no anikin skywalker. She's down sees the emperor. There's no resemble story for now. Now it's like we're gonna kill the dogs. Did she die in the one hundred one down nations. I don't think she died. I need it so long. I've watched hundred one Now is this a prequel to the glenn close one or is it a prequel to the animated one hundred one down nations. I think it's in my opinion. I think they're just trying to they're gonna make it. Its own thing like they want to give you a prequel to. I would think more one hundred one domains. The original animated movie. Not the glenn close movie. So that's your opinion. That's not based on your time spent at disney. No that's just my opinion. Get i mean we are very. We are very opinionated on this show. So i have one last question. I know you usually don't thinking to it too much just and music and movies but did you like the musical moments okay. 'cause i know there are a lot of times you like. I don't i don't think too much to it. Yes i think. That's why i loved it too. I love the songhai. We'll songs i think of it. It's when it you think about the score and stuff. i don't think of. What about you cinnamon. Did you like the music in the film. The songs that they picked. Did you think it was to clear shade for them to use this. I love that time periods music show. I liked any lasting thoughts on. Crew ella ask you this. Should people pay the thirty dollar premium two one at home or go to the theater. Sincere if they if you're one or two people go to the theater. You're an an homer with like forty five kids definitely thirty dollars on forty five i would. I don't think it's worth pain or or for the experience. Yeah i would get into theater. All right i would agree i i. I enjoyed the theater experience. I mean watching homeless fine. Did you see crew ella. Let us know what you thought. Just go to. We are the cinema guys dot com. And you can follow us on social media. You can email us. You can call us whatever..

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