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Sam Darnold, USC, Josh Rosen discussed on The Herd with Colin Cowherd


Rounders and people said and he's a little expensive he's kind of fragile he's kind of needing we're not gonna do that okay so here's the next new york giants leak report the new york giants like sam darnold at usc they do not like josh rosen so what are the giants sang it protects the giants for not taking a quarterback because if darnold goes one to cleveland the giants can say well we we didn't get our guy i mean we love we wanted to quarterback we would've taken a quarterback but guy our guy wasn't available so what they're telling you is what is the message we're not taking a quarterback call us we're trying to move the number two pick buffalo arizona miami this story is leaking it is a message to the nfl we love darnold but he won't be available and we don't like the second best graded quarterback things leak for a reason okay in what is this leak mean it means what i've been begging the new york giants to do for two months trade the number two pack there's four reasons why you gotta trade the pick number one if you're not taking a quarterback the pick is more valuable than the player you would select their running back defensive end or corner number two we have multiple desperate teams that will over pay number three one of the teams is buffalo and they have numerous picks and number four come on giants admit it got some nice defensive players but you're rebuilding ooh we got nate solder congrats he's the fourth best left tackle in your division the picks now more valuable than the player you'd get there there's desperate teams one of them's buffalo with multiple picks and you're rebuilding.

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