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Who went from games as long Yes, Sanchez, judge and stand on a field at the same time, which would be great. You know, I think you can see 40 plus winds for this team. That's faras. The Mets go. You've got some pretty good back in that lie, Abed. I mean, if you have, in my opinion, Rosario leading off to get some speed the top of the batting order you have Alonso. Tess. Listen there yet. Conforto isn't even bring Dominick Smith off the band. You've got a lot of offense going there. My only concern is, how was the bullpen be set up? If you're not gonna have any confidence in India, you could bring him in at the seventh inning guy and maybe bring in familiar for the eighth and Kansas to close it out. RoHaas has some pieces I could work with. These kind of mix and match of the season is so short, you really can't afford to get behind very early we thought would be two teams are going to do in this very short season. Well, it's you know, it's first of all pen goes with Mats and Ellison. Their lineup is, you know there aren't holes they're let's put it that way. There's a potency in that lineup on DH That's provided that Guy's certainly You know, perform like you expect underperformed. I guess suspects would be a big part of that to you Put him back in the lineup. That's severe thump in there that you haven't had for the last couple of years. But as far as closer goes and again, Louise is Company line on this, You know, we haven't figured out yet, And I think they have. But I think Diaz is your closer but well, see, I think he's going to start out that way. They have the opportunity to go a lot of different ways. And you even throw logo on there, too, with familiar but dances so We'll see how it all works up, but I think it's going to be Diaz. I think they're going to handle the ball in the ninth inning and And they're pretty confident he can get the job done. We'll see. Listen, I think ideally, Eddie, everybody love to think that you know you're capable. Winning 40 out of 60 mean that's asking an awful lot and and I still don't know how to view the schedule and the various strengths of teams right now. Ah, but I'm looking at the 1st 17 games, the Yankees play. Okay. Ah, three against Washington, four against Philly. Ready with Shoot those air. Good teams, three against the Red Sox. Okay, They're not as strong as they were. But I mean, I don't think they're Baltimore Detroit. Kansas City bad. They're three against Baltimore and therefore against Tampa Bay. Um at Trump, Uh and I think there's a There's a different element to home field advantage when you're talking about this extra innings rules, so I don't That's that's the 1st 17 games are giving you right there, and 11 of them are against Washington, Philadelphia, Tampa Bay. I don't see the Yankees jumping out to a 15 and to start and and cruising home. I I think the the common theme has been or the or the thought anyway with the Yankees is that you know if you don't get them early than you know, they're going to be hard to catch because when you look at Theseventy Ember games There's an awful lot about Toronto as you mentioned Tena, and if you're scared about Toronto or Toronto turns out to be more than they were last year, then that's trouble. Okay, because you've got 10 off the 23 against against the Blue Jays there, but If they're not If Toronto is not the problem that I think they are. You've got Tim of the Blue Jays seven with the Orioles, three with the Red Sox and through the Moreland's, so that's not a bad final 20 thread. That's not bad September. Yeah, and if you have a lead, and you're up, then that's a great way to finish. But again, Toronto's a big, That's an X factor, because if you believe That they're going to be a problem on baby a spoiler. Then you've got some serious stuff to go through. Their seven of those games are on the road. And you mentioned you might not be Toronto necessarily. But Ah, they're on the road. You know, I'm curious to see how the how often we get to this extra innings rule and how that plays out for the home team's. That's the one thing I didn't see in the studies when Maybe I just don't look for the right numbers. But you know, they talked about how quickly the games are over in the minor leagues as they've been using this runaround second rule how often the game ends in one extra inning or two extra innings, But I don't know what there is. If there's any sort of variance with home rode home team has a different type of advantage. You know if if the road team plays for that one run, Bunce and place for that one run, the home team has three chances to win it with one swing because they've already got one run on base and a home run wins the ball game. Um I don't know how often teams you're gonna bunt because I mean, they're talking about it now. But it still doesn't seem to be a great play percentage wise and you have to be adept doing it. And the pictures are also 100 miles or our Anyway. It's not very easy. I think the exception might be this Sweeney and again This is hard to judge. But if you're closer, your guy You're going to hand the ball to in the 10th inning. OK, if that's the case, um you play for the one run. And you put your guy out there and he's hot. Sure, he's who is facing in that inning. The director, so if the matchups are to write exactly, you know, you know, can he handle these three guys? Okay, we'll play for the one run. Take it, and I like my chances with my guy against these three guys in the lineup. I think that's to me. That would be the exception otherwise. It doesn't make sense to me to play for just one run because you know you're right. You know, you start off the inning with the guy at the plate with the winning run in the bottom of the inning, so yeah, but that would be the exception to me. Well, you know, I mean, you're right. There's so many variables about you who you have available in your bullpen. Who does the other team have coming up? How hard is it to bumped against this pitcher? And do I have people capable of getting it down? And not to mention this is the one detail we keep forgetting. We assume that every time That you bunt that won the bunch of successful getting run over and that run is coming home. That's not necessarily case so many times that lead runner you get thrown out. Now you're talking about a runner at first with one out. That's not nearly as as as advantageous is having the runner at second base and taking three swings again. People, maybe not bunting. Very well. What if you pop sit up? Now you're sitting there with an extra out and you saw that move the runner over. There are a lot of different variables here to the the execution is not guaranteed. And that has to be considered as well. When you're thinking about what to do. I was looking at Ah, you know, some teams would like works in the schedule. You know, they have the Aggies and they have the Mets. The Mets final tender Braves, Tampa Bay Washington, which is not easy on Yeah, anyway, But, you know, one of the Braves like I don't know. You know the Freddie Freeman back at that time is Yeah. So you don't know, but some of the couple of the courts were interesting to me. I meant to ask. Like stand about this When we were on talk about the Astros, the Astros have 16 of their final 22 on the road. That's AH, that's tough. I mean the only six games at home In your final that that's pretty much that September, I would assume 20 Ames. Yes, so that I mean only six games at home in September. That's that's tough. So your best, I guess being a good spot while you're you know, or you're gonna be in trouble. And the Cubs had their final 12. None of them against their division. It was all against the American League Central. They're finishing all in. Okay, interactive play and you look at the American League's central Now how this team is going to be on our Nobody got the Royals. You got the Tigers. You know, you got some teams you could beat up on. So that's that's interesting, too. I don't know..

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