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Having Zion and RJ Eric that you you this is a perimeter game. It's become even more so perimeter game each year. Did he have the right team surrounding them? You know, he had the best team that he could get under the circumstances. When you're losing three and four kids who find a an outside shooter who might not be a one and done easier said than done is you're setting the not I'm telling you because they have to be able to play. I mean, you understand that he knows this right? Like, he can look at it seems they boy would be nice if we had a knockdown shooter some of these guys didn't pan out, Alex O'Connell, Jackie. We'll a great in the first couple of games. And then he went oh for like twenty nine thousand nine he literally missed. At twenty nine three pointers in a row. So you know, and and Zion and RJ as talented as much potential as they have their underdeveloped. They're eighteen and nineteen and there's only so like what she's got good at and calipers really good at this. There's only so much. You can teach these guy in a seven or eight month period. So let's teach them what they're capable of learning. And again like we'll have the right roster. Nice. If you had another shooter, they won what thirty one games, I think they want. They lost like five or six games all year a half of them were without Zion. I think only one of them those two games all year at full strength, and they lost by one point in the elite it. But there was no secret. I said if you can keep them on the perimeter. They don't make free throws, and they don't shoot well in they're going to get stung in the tournament. To argue against myself. They're very fortunate even just to be absolutely. I should've lost his central Florida for sure absolutely. Zion Williamson than John Mirant. Would you say, yes? Those are the top two. Yes. No question. And then everybody else fault. I still think RJ is going to go third. Yeah. John Moran is really special and it really wasn't until that Marquette game. And is not because of how good of a team Marquette is which obviously they are. It was the circumstances. It was the stage. It was like I've been watching them all year. I'm like what I call Gumby. And is that everything that he does great? And so he steps up not only in competition. But now like he knows everyone's watching him for they've heard about him and for him to perform the way that he did under those circumstances to me shows shows me what that what's going on up. Here is pretty special. So yeah, we've had this question here. The last couple of days, I don't know how it emerge, but the most talented player in Duke history. And it feels like we're pushing Leitner to the side. He's the most -ccomplish. But again, you have to define the word how we defining tally. Exactly, the how you tell me. How are we defining talented? I think it's athleticism is trying to do. Because now we're trying to make the argument Zion is the most talented player that Duke has ever had. But if I'm saying total game, I'm taking Grant Hill. Yes. Jay Williams, had a chance to be a really special player there too. I mean Leitner to me it depends on he doesn't jump over people. He's not gonna blow by you. But if there was a game on the line, and you said, I can have Leitner I can have Zay on or Grant Hill. Anybo-? I'd take I'd take Leitner over anybody in modern college basketball history with a game online. Right. Yes. I define the word talent a lot more broadly than than other people..

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