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I morgan since you can buy until 330 normally we can live until five this friday and saturday version this is the saturday into sunday version and my guest who it happens from john mccain is supposed to be so i'm hoping it's something that we can deal with in the main reason is he's got to show the promote i think it's the first week of august he's got a autograph signing all of the rustlers we remember from back in the day so i have two options the laura actor have three options blow'd off patiently waiting you've seen this happen before within five or ten minutes the person calls them sorrows like blah blah blah blah blah all those a third option and i know what i'm thinking about jewelry carrie work i will leave i would do some cubits seeing some beckham's phil until roughly the first break were to be in three minutes then during the break i know war will call and he knows who use because he's the one the coordinated me speaking steve perkins so i'll have him feel infamous theve if steve dozen callback because i know israel has the number correct so i will tell you what is coming up morgan show next week our richard the room joe dixie coming in with some of whose park ranger former associates and we're going to be talking about how their overlaps into rosie the riveter from beck new gay i'm not clear but that's what schedule men he and his colleagues who coming to make vexed subject more clear to everybody and the the first saturday in august i will have no simon's on to do the audio clip trivia quiz and my next weekend live until 503 third he will be the weekend of the twelve as of august one guest are you know i have jury beck we'll be talking about animation cartoons would've had him tonight but this is the last night of crummer karn and these out in san diego he's having a discussion about cartoons woman visas gushin's he is scheduled will be the worst cartoons of all time so that's why he's not he with me tonight but he will be here in three weeks so that is something else i either plan and there's a good time to look to know my club schedule of very busy week i will be monday of jacob worth the.

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