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Correct okay got it okay so which twenty eight thousand K. B. B. says the car's worth eighteen yes that's correct okay while there you got burned and you yes I did okay know what your household income combine eighty six thousand my husband and I the watcher other vehicle worth twenty five hundred we don't have the eight corolla my husband drive is thinking of taking on a new vehicle sure thinking about taking on a new vehicle and taking out a new vehicle or semi he's talking about cool in going into debt to buy a brand new car yeah what will become a stupid for you to go to all this trouble trying to get out of a lease of your counter and go back into that to buy a new car Kato correct now that we originally started listening to your audio total money makeover okay then show you he is he still thinking about after listening to the total money makeover orders issued doing this we discover the border best option would be that would be gone through with actually doing it yeah they would not be in the vehicle right price differences he's considering possibly getting a new vehicle okay well apparently he didn't listen to the total money makeover no yes has been explained to him what you've been you've been trying to teach him what you learn from me that's what I'm here so here's what we need today we need to stop worrying about these cars right now until the two of you get on the same page if the two of you can come into agreement and get him to listen to the audio book you know that you've got and you can let gamers socialist podcast you can come into agreement about Hey new cars are the largest thing we buy that goes down in value Mr one less you have a net worth of over million dollars buying a brand new car stupid you cannot afford it and so now he does not need to do that and either so the two of you need to get on the same page as to where we're going right now you're heading in one direction away from a new car a bad lease deal and he's heading right back into another bad day lance got us all of that before we starsign so your car once we've solved all of that then we can talk about yeah we might take out and I was all alone and just get ready your your lease and get you a little five thousand our car or some kind of get it paid off as quickly as possible or you can decide to keep this lease through that you just did through the end of it I don't know how long it is but you can decide that but you guys need to decide where you're going because right now you're going in different directions you call me up saying I want to get all this bad decision that he's got that and he's get re make another bad decision so you can't you can't get out of a whole awesome I also dug up the bottom but the more shows let's just take the time for the two of you to get on the same page first and foremost that's going to be the number one data point for you a winning card decisions are the secondary thing that will be the result of you all being on the same page thank you for the call we appreciate you listening open phones at triple eight eight two five five two two five you jump in and talk about life and money.

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