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Right we look at back a little bit in the style gigli because of those beauty younis but they've just sort of lost cachet as a general most famous hornet is their owner that's that's where we're at with this squad let's hear from you guys again jump on twitter right now hash starters is kemba the greatest horn of all time you got someone else why also with with kemba big decision right with eventual new management coming in here new gm coming into place eventually in charlotte what do you do with kemba like he's going into his last year of his bargain deal delve million dollars per year he's got one more season of that left and that is quite the bargain for an all star type player with him but do you pay him the big bucks is he the face of your franchise moving forward is the s the key building block or do you look to trade on this was something we debated in i guess it was crossfire earlier this week very very briefly what's what's your take on that what do you do is combat twenty seven years old the guy you're like you're hitching your doom i wouldn't pay him the max contract like that i think he's good but if you look at elite point guards in the league right now i mean he's hovering in that top ten i guess but it's not the staffel john wall russell westbrook whoever you want to put in that in that group of play i mean he he's good but i think the hornets have probably gone as far as they're going to go with they lead man and i think if they do want to rebuild and they they need to the reset button he's the only tangible asset you've got this going to potentially bring you back something in return the others contract dumps you can hoping that something we'll take two more dwight howard or marco gilchrist whatever they're not going to bring you back in significant i think they might might get you a first round pick i would just worry that there's too many of those guys like m k g batumi cody zeller dwight now marvin williams all guys who are signed pass this season that you'd have to dump and if you look back to that.

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