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Fight against the worst domestic abusers in Mecklenburg County more this morning W. B. T. is Mike Doyle Charlotte Mecklenburg police say while there are thousands of cases of domestic violence or D. V. echo monitors are only being used to track the most dangerous offenders any felony assault strangulation stalking repeated TV protection order violators they do a good job of documenting and to terminate any escalation of violence by the phone over time George Michael Carter supervises CMP's electronic monitoring division says the recidivism rate of monitor DV offenders is relatively low since two thousand fourteen he says less than fifteen percent of those wearing ankle bracelets have re offended Mike Doyle W. B. Tina my house getting ready to vote today on a resolution outlining the rules of the impeachment inquiry counselor to the president kellyanne Conway we will have our say when this president actually has a due process right that is able to challenge witnesses challenge evidence for that present his own evidence present his own witnesses the resolution laying out the ground rules for public hearings and gives president of this council the guidelines to respond with their evidence and big party ahead and do you see where officials say parade will be held Saturday for the World Series champion nationals in a run down constitution Avenue and over to Pennsylvania Avenue with the team rallied to follow near the capital reflecting pool this is brought you by QC kinetics address the root cause of your joint pain no more bandaids long term results QC kinetics dot com now with the latest on the WB to train traffic center over the boomer thanks John L. theme improving conditions on the four eighty five outer loop near Blair road exit forty three early arrested really jammed up traffic for the past three hours investigation just wrapped up the traffic you slowly begin to recover on the album live near exit forty three Blair wrote have a collision or Matthews Alexander road if Pineville Matthews road in the south Charlotte type auto rotate your smart wrote round three plantation as a Charlotte staple resurfaced first up your home a colorful perennials an incredible pottery all it locally and family owned Rowntree plantation garden center shoals road just awful Pineville boomer vine cannon WBZ traffic and.

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