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You know, really railroaded the situation and made me look bad or stuff like that. And that was the opposite of what he did. So I'll always be grateful for that. And we'll always remember that 2018 was a fun year though, just to continue to wait. Before we get further down, I'll actually I'll show you this. And I'm going to send you the full link because you should watch it. But I'm going to share some of that here. So I don't know if I want to see this. You don't. Before you were with CL and S, you did some guest spots for us? Yes. When you were still with pat's pulpit in a Herald and SI and all that. So this is the first video we did together. But if you see right here, this is the first video we did together in 2018 right after the 2018 dragon before we start, I got the list here real quick just to remind everybody. This was patriots. 7th round picks. Ryan is up. Look at that. That's what the whole weekend. And I'm wearing a patriots T-shirt during this. I'm just a total team honk back. So that still exists on the seal on his Facebook page. But there's probably some rough takes on there. 2018 class. So that's Isaiah win at Sony Michelle. Yeah. Oh yeah, I love it. I love, I loved winning Michelle. I thought those were great pics at the time, right? Like, you know, that was, I was all in on that draft at the top, not that, you know, both of them, it wasn't like they busted out of the league or anything like that, but certainly did not turn into I'm sure I dropped like an Alvin Kamara comp or something like that. The one thing that I remember from that video is because I went back and watched a little bit of it in me being my typical wishy wash itself. We each did the pick we liked the least and I said Danny etling, who was the last pick. Of course. Which is classic. Always on the fence. I think that that was like, you know, aside from the fact that we could be ourselves on the show, which was always great. I think the other one thing that really got us going when we started working together now, we started doing the pod together. It's like, we know the buttons to push on each other, right? Like I know that you hate SEC quarterbacks, right? So if I just say that some SEC quarterback is the next great thing, that's gonna get you going about it as you see quarterbacks, or if I start going off about the math, like I know, that's gonna get you bothered and I think I can think of probably 500 things that you can say or do to get me triggered. So that was another funny part

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