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In two thousand eighteen more than one hundred athletes spoke publicly about being sexually abused by former usa gymnastics team. Dr larry nassar that group included superstar. Gymnast simone biles byles. Who was twenty years old at the time posted on her twitter account that she had been assaulted by nasser under the guise medical treatment. Our colleague louise radnofsky covers gymnastics. She said that this had happened wall. She'd been training as part of the us national team. And she included usa gymnastics for sports governing body among those who should bear blame and she said very strongly that this behavior is completely unacceptable disgusting abusive and so she wrote in her post. I will not should not carry the guilt. The belongs larry nassar usa g and others now. The world's attention is turned to. Tokyo is the first olympics. Since the nassar scandal broke and simone biles finds herself in a unique position. She's the last self identified nassar survivor remaining on team usa. When i spoke to smiles recently she made clear that from her perspective continuing to compete and put herself out. There meant that a spotlight would remain on the scandal that it couldn't be swept under the rug. And perhaps that this part of that some of the answers that she and the other gymnasts still want want so wrong might eventually come to this olympics. Simone biles won't just be usa gymnastics best. Hope she'll also be it's loudest critic welcome to the journal our show about money business and power. I'm ryan is friday. July twenty third.

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