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Two degrees in Bridgeport and forty two with fog in Central Park at nine forty on WCBS a judge ruled that eleven parents could come back to the US to reunite with their children because they had been unlawfully deported the ACLU is leading the effort but is having difficulty finding accurate contact information for the parents many of the phone numbers that the administration has provided for these parents are stale or outdated so the groups have turned to underground searches and remote regions in Central America in large cities scaring public records when the files are on hand don't have any addresses and they leave located about a hundred of them but they're still about three hundred that they have designated as unreachable that CBS news reporter kabel Montoya Galvez SpaceX says it's almost ready to fly space tourist more from CBS news correspondent Peter king the SpaceX crew dragon hasn't flown with astronauts yet and that's supposed to happen this spring but after passing two crucial tests the company says it's ready to start booking private astronauts for dragon flights SpaceX says the crew dragon will fly up to four people on remote controlled high altitude orbital flights that means is no pilot aboard so far there's no price tag nor is there a target date for the flights expected to launch from the Kennedy Space Center Peter king's CBS news Orlando it's nine forty one sports is next thinking about buying a sleep number or Tempur Pedic.

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