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Radio station and we got sixty five degrees at seven o'clock that evening I'm Jeff McKinney the NYPD says officer Brian McCain who died in the line of duty yesterday was killed by friendly fire department's investigation has determined the fatal shots didn't come from officer mall keen service weapon or from the gun a suspect Antonio Williams but rather friendly fire during a violent early morning struggle in the Bronx commissioner James o'neill this is an absolute tragedy caused by a convicted felon carrying illegal loaded firearm just hours before officer mall keen and made an arrest and gotten a gun off the street in the same precinct he was killed trying to make a similar rust displayed incredible incredible courage officer mall keen will be laid to rest later this week in his native Hudson Valley I'm James flippant W. O. R. news an explosion today at a home in Brooklyn and have this afternoon near Freel place in east eighth street in Kensington one person was seriously hurt three others less seriously injured the FDNY says it appears something exploded on the first floor the two story house new report may add fuel to the political firestorm over the impeachment inquiry in Washington the claims president trump as the Australian prime minister for help investigating the origins of the mall or pro president trump's personal attorney Rudy guiliani has not been subpoenaed by three house committees they want documents pertaining to Ukraine and president trump today lashing out at the whistle blower ended house intelligence chair Adam Schiff trump accuses both of distorting the phone call he had with the Ukrainian president Adam Schiff representatives congressman made up what I said he actually took words and made enough New York Republican congressman Chris Collins resigned today before entering an expected guilty plea tomorrow in a case involving insider trading Collins is charged with plotting with his son to sidestep significant losses on a biotechnology investment the news is brought to you by circle K. you know what the price of gas is right now it doesn't matter how many dollars and who cares sense get the easy pay.

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