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Live from npr news in washington i'm janine herbst president trump made a quick trip to mississippi today to visit a new civil rights museum as empires amy held reports trump was prompted to tweak his visit following a backlash trump toward and spoke to an invite only crowd at the mississippi civil rights museum instead of at the public ceremony the museum changed the venue after some african american leaders of boycotted the opening among them with civil rights leader congressman john lewis who said in a statement trump's attendance and his hurtful policies are an insult to the people portrayed in the museum the white house said the president wanted to honor the sacrifice of the leaders of the civil rights movement which was about removing barriers these buildings embody the hope that has lived in the hearts of every american for generations the hope in a future that is more just and more free lewis encouraged all americans to visit the museum after trump's departure amy held npr news european union lawmakers say they are ready to back the agreement reached by uk prime minister theresa may and eu negotiators overnight but results reports european parliamentary ends still have any questions about how citizens on both sides will be protected the brexit negotiator for the european parliament says he will recommend to the eu wide legislature dinner prove the new agreement next week but lawmaker her hooked us says he also believe there's much more work to do on the issues that now have preliminary agreement those include the amount britain we'll have to pay the status of the irish border and legal conditions for both eu and british citizens one of the main buckles we will continue to hold b a d right of uk citizens to travel into reside in the whole european union at twenty.

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