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Kinsey. And here's how I say who Hello and welcome to another episode of Andrea Savage grown-up Woman Hashtag Potholes. I am sitting here with my some. What friend In the process friend. Tony Paxton. How are you hi now? Tony? Today is a big day because this is our first time celebrating your birthday today. How did you know by the way honestly because when we were scheduling the podcast and emails were going back and forth you wrote? I did a while ago days. My birthday start. Shopping now knows my on my calendar. Like somebody who does what real friend a real friend and. I was like okay. Let's mark that down. Still GonNa make them work. But I'M GONNA mark it down obviously just because your birthday you don't work again. Yeah everybody separate young people's attitudes of yours. How young now. Yeah so. How old do you think I think I turned again? Why do you know this Tony? I know that you have this presided. I don't think I put that part of the not but you are in a band. And they're motion city soundtrack. So I have ways all right and as opposed to you. I'm obviously taking this friendship more seriously. I I don't know that I mean I'm I'm impressed because I didn't one. I didn't know that you knew it was my birthday too. I forgot because I honestly I really do. I like to pretend like I make a lot of my birthday but I really don't care of course because your forty one and that would be crazy. I do find people who are like in their mid forties or like. It's my birthday month jar I really. It's also my grandmother's birthday. Today we share birthday. Is She with us she is? That's fantastic ninety six today. Holy Shit Yeah and like crazy with it like you would never guess. She's ninety six. Your grandmother and I are going to get to know each other. Do you think there's a world what's your what's her name Marie. Do you think Andrea Marie ever get to chat whereas Marie. Marie is in Indiana. Okay I can get Indian. I've also we have phone technology. Strew I do. I do have to call her today. Yeah so would you like to call her together? I don't go like she would just be like what is happening. Is She send you a gift? She'll send me a card and nothing she does. Yeah that's very sweet. Yes do you send her anything now? You are piece of Shit. I mean we all know that I just heard the doorbell. I heard that too. That was not in post not imposed. I think our guest is here. Sounds that way Angela? Kinsey is here today. Exciting I know from the office from haters back off and lots of other stuff. I'm excited for this one. I've known Angela for like five years. She is a funny lady and different than she gives off. I think which is yeah. I've seen her on some talk shows here and there. Yeah so I'm excited to sit down with the lady. I know you're gonNA enjoy sitting down with Miss Angela. Kinsey Forward to her remembering the time she and I were on a flight together. We are not bringing that up now. We're we'll get there. Oh God Angela Kinsey. What are we rolling? We've been rolling this whole time. Well son of a gun son of a gun. That is what we're going to be dealing with Angela. You have stepped into my layer. I know I I've asked touchy is coming out of it. I see yeah again. Chris Hardwick gave that to me. Yeah in a gesture of love and affection as one does as one does. He's okay so I was trying to think when we first met first of all and I think it's on hot wives first season of hot wives of Orlando which is crazy because I feel like we are lives. Have done this crisscrossing. That's the first time we was only like four years ago. Five years ago maybe five years. Yeah five or six. Yeah well it was two thousand and fifteen fourteen. I don't know five years guys. Welcome to episode of Andrea in Angela. Talk about dates and minor math Hashtag. This is forty by the way we wish I. I have two more years. This is what I was thinking about though. What do you remember that you and I experienced? What was my and maybe yours most awkward interview that I've ever done for press. Oh my God I don't remember you're GonNa you're GONNA be like. Oh my God indicative that. I've done a lot of awkward interviews and I'm like which one was that it didn't involve it was for hello giggles in New York City involved in art. God you know what I think I would like. It was like my coping mechanism has filed that away. That was insane. I had not thought about that until I was doing whatever last night and I was like. Oh my God I for I think the same and then I watched it. Oh no you did not so let I have lain. What IS THE STRANGEST OKAY? We were doing press. I think for the second season of Hot Wipes. I think it was hot wives. Las Vegas right and for those of you guys. Listening we did a show called HOT WIVES. Orlando and it was basically like a mockumentary of the real housewives. Yes created by Donna Furman and Daniel Schneider and it was Casey Wilson Christian into Shaw Shali Hill. Yeah Aaron Inherently Hayes and God. I'm blanking on our blanking on people so Timberlake Angela and I are New York and hello giggles asked if we can do. This interview called an inconvenient interviews. And it's for a place called the artful bachelorette in New York City and it is a new. Yeah it is a drawing class with a nude model. Yeah and we were supposed to draw his penis over his body body but they kept focusing on the Pena's they really kept pushing the Venus and it was the of thing where it was like. I think they were like Oh. These girls are wild. They're gonNA this all three of us. Were like we were silo uncomfortable. So it was so quiet and warm. It was high. It was a Hot New York hot day and watched one. Tj Who was our nude-model it wasn't like he was across the room. It was like he was a stripper. Right it was like it was like he was like on the coffee table right in front of us. He was maybe three feet we were eating. We were right at pene level. Yeah and he was real chatty. He wasn't like a quiet. We're just doing a professional art class. It was sort of like a stripper slash model slash by a car from you know I was like. Are you gonNa tell us about the windshield wiper features like he was just really chat. I will say we pulled it off and it came very cute but I just remember being like I wonder how did I get? How is this? Is this how do I have a child? How the moment that I love but also I'm not sure I'm mature enough to handle what's happening because part of me is a thirteen year old boy so for the first like twenty five minutes. I couldn't make eye contact with anyone. Look at Andrea or Timberlake new. They may take you off because you guys wouldn't do it. One of US had to do it. We were being interviewed and they were like all right. Who's GonNa take the towel and none of us volunteer and finally I was worst up and you see me do it. You see me not look down and just sort of try to do it as clinically and professionally as Oh my God. That just delighted because I had forgotten about that and that is crazy pants. My favorite part is there's a shot where I'm actually they're interviewing us and I'm talking about how great it is to work with women and this and that and having a very real answer and then they pan out and just you just see but nude male buttocks in the foreground on. Oh my God. So that is how how we met. So that's the story about how I remember. I remember when the first conversations I had with you we seen one of hot wise. Landau was a pretty shoestring budget and we don't believe much there was a string ice hate them. I honestly we're not talking. We loved it. We shot seven episodes in seven days for those of you don't understand television. Usually there's five days to shoot an episode of television so that would be thirty five days. Yeah we shot in one day. It was insanity and there was. We didn't have trailers we were in our cars. Change eight lunch in our car. Yeah we sat carson up in a busted Like housing development. Santa Kurita where they had started building houses and ran out of money. Or no one would buy your ghost town of mcmansions perfect for US shooting. Yeah and then we had one trae was one trailer that we shared with the whole crew. The writers the make arbitrarily makeup wardrobe and we had a little couch that we could sit on and that was underneath the wardrobe and we all changed in the. I saw all them guys. All Your Business all the business outfits where the business was going to be pushed up and pushed out. It was the it was imagined. Like you're on vacation you're going to Wyoming and you have an RV and then put fifty people trying to work in the RV and the RBM changing clothes. Those are my early memories now. I think you were dating your car. You would just maybe started dating Josh. Then maybe I had just. I know that we are the very beginning it was. I remember as a beginning I was like I. I don't know and but it was. I look back on that now and I would talk to him on my car. Right there. But we weren't like dating dating you know but I remember though you guys were having some fun because I remember you being like like. We had some fun well. We saw each other two Saturdays a month. Yeah I won't get into it but we have like joy and things and we only had two saturdays meant so it was like having a long distance relationship like I was like what am I dating someone in the military like. He's back in town or whatever you know. You gave me one detail that has stuck with me. Now it's not about detail but you were like it was like it was so great and so like I can't remember like passionate whatever and you're like both of my earings got knocked out and I was like that really stuck with me and I was like I lost. God I meant to be out there and it was bad it was like I should be hearing ositive stories about that. Well he's he's a very athletic he shaped person and you're very small and I'm a petit. Yeah and that's that's just here like a weird detail for five years. I've been thinking about Josh. You're lying I don't know the story over the you know me okay. It's great lease yours and you never mentioned it. And now I'm thinking about all the school functions. We've been to go to school together and I've been at circle time like look at water..

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