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Used to so you can be torture darell with us on years in jail they would play repeat people the floated twenty four hours of this on on repeat yeah this is exactly with that is is there twenty four our lives with it having some hard for to one deep four hours jackson will be broadcasting in here like well listen if you guys on your show on monday or fall into here comes starts again if you guys they're fun doing stuff to talk to you play this song what did that's our goal hey mom get on done it now i had to be fair to power unified ninety superintendent that letter is as measured as any such letter i've seen and i've so that many times with the chat about it i wanna compare that to what jenner the pollock tunnel road she's the president of the university california system said this outta who knows their tens of thousands a students in light of yesterday selection results we know there is understandable consternation and uncertainty alright among our community bob about that's very like world is coming to an end what are we got our now like that at least our youth i was and that so we'll give him that but i have so it seems like what i'm so there's a big kind of put out a letter to make some parents knox publicly well it's gon na but that also got to say that that things weren't that bad i don't know maybe of reading too much into a but i can tell you that i am coming out of from the cynical position excuse me if that's the case because year two days ago we outlined a bunch of so called hate crimes it a day and and most of them are fake most we criticize the you t r go the other day that said.

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