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One after two periods of play as Joe mentioned period number three Just about to get underway here at Honda center Alongside Nikki old check tonight we'll see if the hawks can close out a win to kick off this three game road trip out west Sam lafferty will take the draw against Trevor zegras Same lines that started the second period will start the third period for their respective sides A lot of hawks fans filtering into Honda center tonight Love to have some happy faces in a west red sweaters after the end of this one Lafferty wins the draw Back to the hawks line Jake mccabe has it there to Caleb Jones is Dee partner put it off the stick plate of cur chef down the near side boards into the duck's own Bouncing on it is courage to have left corner breaks up the near wall picked off with the ducks down the Simone Feeds it across the ring for let's hear No slip it down the left side boards into the hawks in now Kirchev on it there to Caleb Jones in back of Lincoln and bit of time and space here for him outlet feed for Kershaw gazelle over the ducks line Fires a wrist shot fended off by the blocker of Gibson Buck now available at the right point Seth Jones claims it to dock in the right circle Carries it to the far corner now Watched by gulley who pins him up against the far side half boards Ziggurat joins the fray along with karo chev The ultimately scores free to curse have who plays it off his backhand around Gibson's net up the near side up to dahan at the left point Come sit below the goal line Kershaw on it once more Rolls it up to the right point for Seth Jones Good shift brewing year Jones to dahan left point back to Seth Jones in the high slot Dishes it off To break it off the bench fired from the right circle pup kicked off the state The state of Simone out to center ice The brink decaying off to break it a quick reentry into the duck zone to break it down the slot.

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