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And maybe that's like a twenty eighteen view of this where if you ran a porn company, and you had unknowingly and underage employees. You think anybody would really care these days? Yeah. Especially if you've been acquitted or you've been you've adjudicated get. Yeah. You've gone through it you pay your desire, we moved on. But if you like what Hiram right? That's yes. I mean, I'm surprised that another company well as exam own I feel like they probably would have Z black banned from these probably blackballed. I would've thought that Melanie would have had a job as keeper at the offer as she is law and partner at law. She has lots of contacts slots would have come up for him at this point. I it it's getting to the point where they're trying to just put Ted in the dumps. So he can then make choices. So we know that Emmett is offering to take Ted to the country for the weekend a weekend the country like like the song in a little night music. Let's go to Dr David Cameron's abandoned cabin. See moved away. I thought he sold it. But maybe it's just collecting cobwebs. We see that Tenet was going through his emails, and he deletes a message from some invite to a sex party at the paradise motel. And he makes you know, some snide comments about what goes on there and cries, Pittsburgh's hottest sex safe, sex pigs. He's a suck pig though. Not a sex pig. Yes. Maybe and yes, I think maybe that's why he got miss invited. But Emmett wants him to go to this weekend in the country. And then it gets jobs. So it wasn't to go by himself and just sort of regroup relax not have to worry about anything that wasn't bad choice on them. It's part. You can't send somebody in Ted state off alone into the country. Yeah. That was a little. He and he go as he's as Ted is going. He comes across by chance the paradise motel. And so Ted takes this moment to drive in. He's going to get a room, but he just stays in his room for a while. He goes to get ice. And that's where he's somehow turns the corner to the sex rooms, I guess they're on their own floors. I well, actually I wanted to comment on this. Yes. The interesting thing about Ted is that as he's making his way through this episode. Everything is gained slower and slower and slower he's becoming more deliberate. He's speaking slowly he's looking around. Slowly, he's speaking in a tone that we've never heard before because without aim in his life. The world is in slow motion around him and that contrasted perfectly with the hyper fast world of crystal meth that he had just walked in. Into. So is really really good storytelling there that everything is just kind of going. Around a month to this. It's a very interesting observation now makes you want to go back and watch the episode or at least watch those moments with events sex scenes that walking past were like in slow synchronizes women motion. And we see that all the doors are open. Yeah. Like the dangerous field that motel. Yeah. But and this is what I think the episode does a really great job of is showing how unin Tyson? It looks to be on hard drugs. We'll have having anonymous sex they'll grimy walking past all those rooms in. I thought the environment was grimy at this point Ted's fully clothed everyone else's in tolls. So. Everything's. Fucking beautiful. And then at that, I have crystal all the colors become saturated. Yes, it was it was literally shot of euphoria Ted becomes like sexually attractive. He's desired by everyone. The pace picks up to faster than real speed. It was just really nicely shot and directed I didn't see the grime other than the venue right now that and that's what I'm talking about. Then you got better the moment that he did. Yeah. He's in a drug induced was doing was he snorting Chris storing cocaine crystal, oh, I thought that was cocaine. They introduced it as crystal. Okay. Then I got a little confused in the drug situation. 'cause like when he's at the hostel Boehner cocaine limp for future reference. I read about this. I was going to say I've never done these drugs. So I would not know Patrick..

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