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Will be here from careerbuilder dot com Michael has some of the stories. Of resumes that employer skit and these stories from. Employers that you probably, won't hear anywhere else about their craziest most. Outrageous, resume mistakes. That's coming up at about five forty this morning Jen came to hear this. Morning the executive director and co founder of brave initiatives in our CEO. Spotlight we'll. Get. To Jen in just. A minute but. First on the WGN associated Bank, market desk futures pointing toward opening gains a little bit later this. Morning on Wall Street Dow futures are up seventy, points more than a quarter percent NASDAQ futures are up almost a half a percent at thirty fifty, and, p futures rep about a quarter percent up six points at. Twenty eight eighty three around the globe this morning markets in Asia generally have been. Higher as dovish speech by the, US Federal Reserve chairman Jerome Powell and all-time highs on Wall Street last week gave markets a breather from trade tensions this morning in Asia the Nikkei. Is up nearly two hundred points thanks hang up More than five hundred ninety points that's more than two percent by the way the Shanghai up almost. Two percent in Europe markets are generally higher with the footsie the Dax. And the CAC all more than, half a percent a quarter to a half a percent higher and oil. Is trading at sixty eight forty six barrel, which is down about twenty nine cents a couple of stories we're watching for you this morning. Faced with plunging US orders surgical. Glove maker Ranjit Singh is hunting for new markets in Chinese. Governments calls for that country and companies in that country to reduce reliance on the United States for medical products to smartphone chips to soybeans Beijing is responding to President Trump's. Tariffs by pushing companies to trade more with other countries but there are few substitutes for the United, States in some markets and export market and. Source of technology for industries including telecom equipment makers. That Chinese leaders are, eager to develop the first electric car from. Nissan. Electric sedan The first in. A wave of dozens of plan lower cost electric models being developed by global brands has rolled off the assembly line, in China, it's called the silky zero emission started production at a factory at Nissan Motor company in China And President Trump the Trump administration says the United States is close to a big trade agreement. With Mexico he citing improved ties between the two countries we'll see if this happens these talks have, been going. On for weeks now but. They say this could be, the week that the, US and Mexico, come to an agreement on. NAFTA China has been to Canada has been sitting on the, sidelines for, this front and center this morning CO spotlight Jen came into this year the executive. Director and co founder of brave initiatives Jan good morning welcome to the opening bell thank you So nice to have you here because we've heard, so much. Stuff good stuff about what. You're doing a start by, telling you for listeners, who are not. Familiar with brave initiatives something. About it Yes so brave initiatives basically runs brave camps and. Our goal at break camps is really to empower young girls, specifically between the ages of thirteen and nineteen, to teach them to be agents a, change in their communities through. Coding and design thinking so basically we do coating? Camps that setup girls to? Change potentially their minds or their career track? Towards. But they wanna pursue your the, co founder of the group them what were you thinking when you found founded this how did. You come about how talk a little bit about that process yeah so my co founder and I I'm her name is Emily Harburg and we. Started this about three and a half years ago and, what we were really driven. By was the tech field. Is starting to change the way that we interact with people and, communities and society if you think. About it when I was a child you didn't get McCarthy stranger now we, take overs everywhere And so there that's a huge shift that we've seen in our culture and technology dead that and so, when we think about? Technology. And how it changes our mindset we. Think that we really need to start being mindful of the people that were bringing to the table when we're building technology and I was actually working in technology Motorola I was a recruiter and just. As really struggling our company as a whole was really struggling, to find a diverse pool of candidates whether, that meant race ethnicity financial backgrounds in, general was a pretty homogeneous. Group that was applying for the jobs and so? Our fear in hiring only? One type of person as we built out? Our. Teams was that the technology that, was being built was being built for one people group and that could ultimately be damaging to. Other people groups and so that was really empowering and encouraging to us as we thought about building our organization and let's dig into that a. Little bit further and know some people don't like talking, about what those people groups. Are why things are developed But the but the the truth of it is stuff is built for white people white male people right I, mean that's how it works yeah well. And, I think primarily it's built for white people because it's right now people building and we really do is we know how to build, things that we think, are, beneficial to, people but, we usually base that on our own experiences and so we. Often tend to think that other people's experiences are heavily aligned with our own experiences, when that's not always the case so when you open up the doors like that and when, you try to find all different kinds of cultures backgrounds. And people how does that change the technology yeah so when you do have a groups of. People coming to the table and helping brainstorm and design interview other people and really is a part of that intrical intricate. Process I should say It changes the way that the product turns out, to be that we believe brave that that that those teams, need to be, diverse in whatever since you can? Imagine. That would remain but be diverse from the design stage all the way through development stage all the way through the privilege stage and then if we have people at the. Table who are Come from different backgrounds come from different value systems come from different. Upbringings around that table we believe that that that technology that they will build it'd be more inclusive two different types of social Rangers economic ranges all those things involved can you give, us an example of something that's been developed it's done that that maybe our listeners would maybe be interacting with. Every day that's been changed for the better in that regard Yeah so. Brief camp or technology, technology or something that's you know you mentioned. That this is changed. It the outcome of the technologies different yeah what gives us? An example of like technology that that would have happened to so I think one thing that we talk a lot about is Uber. Uber okay so we were left these companies changed the way that we interact with other people, so when I was growing up you didn't get into a car with a stranger and now we put our kids in cars and send them to school. Or activities or practice in those, cars and so one thing that I think they had to be very mindful of is, different communities and I think they're really trying to. Adjust this and work on this because if you grow up in Silicon Valley where you know it's it's typically safer you can get in a car you can go somewhere and the likeliness. Of something happening to you is. Probably pretty low but. Then you're starting to expand into different communities. These companies, really had to start talking to other people in other cities in other locations all around the world really to see what are the? Cultural. Differences behind putting someone in a car and so they've ad tracking devices they've? Ad background checks they've added so many different things to try and Adjust their technology platform to make sure that, it. Is. Starting to adjust to. Different areas and people groups Jen hang on with us we're. Gonna continue with Jen Caymans this, morning and our CEO spotlight Kennedy's executive director and. Co founder of brave initiatives you can find them online at brave initiatives dot com we'll be back with more. Of our conversation but I just a quick break here to update traffic.

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