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Is to take that ten hours of stuff that makes me angry into winnow it down to three hours, just three hours. I got guests on these on the show. But I'm not a big guest intensive show. My show is me what I get off on what I get angry about in you, what you would you get angry about how you respond to my anger. That's basically my show. If you wanna show where we're talking to a lot of guests. This isn't your place. This is gametime man. This is I turn it on in a way, I go man, I'm chugging chugging, chug and gone. This is a ball game. This is a fight. This is a twelve round heavyweight championship every single night stuff that I get angry about. And you know, anger doesn't. Anger doesn't scare me. Anger. Doesn't bother me. I'm perfectly ok with people getting angry. I'm trying my damndest to be more respectful now on the radio than I was a few years a couple of years ago, I'm trying to be more respectful than I was with my anger than I was when I was in congress of few years back. But when you hold onto this notion again of righteous anger. Gods? Okay. With that. Gods? Okay with you and me. Trying to improve the world. God's okay with in fact, God wants you and me. To try to correct all the injustice out there in the world. To try to right all the wrongs out there in the world. And we all can do it. You don't need a radio show to do it. You gotta Facebook page. You got a Twitter handle. You serve in local politics. Whatever you do. It's a team effort. It's a team effort. What in you know, what I'm about to say? But what angers me more than? Anything? Is this? We were. Two hundred and thirty forty some years ago. We were given. The most unique. And most amazing. Experiment in freedom. That the world has ever know. And we've squandered it. We're losing. We've lost it. We were given a government based on a system of government based on a country based on. Live and let live man. I'm free you're free. I won't take your stuff. You don't take my stuff? Government leave us. Both the hell alone. We were given that and we don't have that anymore. That right. There makes me more angry than anything else. I can think of and pretty much everything. I.

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