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He's, on the shell Pennzoil, performance line coli not to I'm not gonna ask you to put your foot in your mouth but. She just tell us a little bit about Noah Syndergaard was the latest on him It's a crazy injury a, hand, foot and mouth disease is what Syndergaard has and it's a a. Viral illness that usually affect children, usually kids younger than five contract the disease but but apparently was. Actually at, a a camp on Thursday he had a camp for for. Kids, you know some about that age and apparently ended up picking up the disease possibly there. And he pitched, on Friday, night tried to tried to pitch through it, didn't know he had the disease at the time and actually, pitch fairly. Well into the fifth inning and then and then they. Started noticing that its velocity was going down, they weren't sure what that was all about they noticed blisters on his hand when he came out, of the game and you know. At that point they said hey. We need to get you evaluated to figure out what's. Going on we also reported being very lethargic very tired as the, game went on just more so than normal and yeah. They found out hand foot mouth Diseases is what he's dealing with they don't. Think it's going, to be anything to impact, long-term, per se they'll hold him out of his next start on Wednesday. Put him on the DL would, they think he'll be back in time for the start after that. We're talking, to Coley Harvey ESPN Yankees reporter I wanna ask you coming out of the all star break Coley, what is the sense coming out of that clubhouse of the Yankees right now there they're five games back from the. Red Sox in the AL east but still still in the hunt in. The wildcard situation do you do you sense that this, is a team that had. A little stretch here of mediocrity but are they are they confident or what's the sense coming out of that clubhouse Competent and determined right now Still not doing a whole lot, of scoreboard, watching that said you know I think that definitely will will change as we get a little deeper into. The into, the second half you know you're talking about a team that is now, three and a half games four and a half. Games behind the Red, Sox, and I get to actually let's go to five if they lose tonight with. With Boston having. Won today so you know so they know where they where they are, in the standings per se, they know their second place but they also know. They've got, a, good team I mean they're they're in second. Place in the AL Leeson they'd, happy contemporary wildcard right now. But it's also a team that's the third best in baseball behind the Red Sox and, Astros two teams who they they should certainly see into the post season Depending on how this year goes so so they're still feeling very competent about, about who they are but as you mentioned you a little bit of a rush rough stretch of rubber. Stretch I guess I should say than what we saw. In may and in parts of June of late you know we. We haven't quite seen the same overall team choir power and a lot of that's because they've had some some issues with the pitching starting rotation you know, sunny gray, has been inconsistent at times this year although his last two starts have been markedly better and they hope. That they, see that sunny gray as they move forward and then also Domingo her, mom you know a rookie who who showed really. Good promises first couple, of, starch in the big league in relief of an injured pitcher earlier this year. But he's also. Had some issues here of late and of course got sit down earlier, this weekend so so that's, that's the big thing they can get around some. Of the, issues, they've had pitching staff they do think that. They're going to continue to contend, we get closer to the. Postseason collie as you cover the Yankees I'm sure that you have your ear to the, ground on the other side of town because This, matchup in this series is really a tale of two teams here with the Yankees you chance to contend. The American League east and the Mets not going so. Well have you heard anything about what the Mets might be doing. As far as making more deals as they languished in last place in the National League east Yeah, well I mean you know at this point..

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