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We didn't see the warrior dynasty common. We didn't see Joe Torry coming. We didn't see Robert Downey dynasty coming. We didn't see Amazon that used to just sell books or net. Flicks. Coming dynasties come out of nowhere. We thought LeBron Dwayne Bosch would last forever. The colts have nine picks one hundred twenty million dollars the best. Young linebacker an rock-solid offensive line mostly on the cheap in a division. That's full of dysfunction including your Texans. Is it crazy to say they may not win this weekend? But for the next eight years, they're the safest bet to be a dynasty in this league. Why texans? I'm going to start doing that too. By the way, Colin every team in any city you've ever lived in your Las Vegas stars. You're I'm just going to start assigning you teams. I don't know that we can give them dynastic status yet. But you do like to be ahead of the curve. I'll give you credit for that. What I will say is the GM there. Chris Ballard has just hit grand slam after grand slam trades back in the draft. Get get three extra second round picks, including one that's still yet to come and gets the guy. The colts would have taken number one. Overall, potentially Quinton Nelson hits a home room with that big. It's a home room with Darius Leonard they will be able to sign Levy on bell. If they want him this off season. What looks as good as ever the only caution. I would put onto this this. I think the Texans with to Shawn Watson are very tough in that division. The titans ever get a quarterback, they could be tough. And you did something very tricky earlier of few minutes ago when you were talking about the best young quarterbacks in football. And you mentioned a tweet. Twenty three year old a twenty four year old. And then you included luck who win next season starts is going to be thirty. I know you keep convincing yourself. You're still a very young man is not a young quarterback anymore. Lot is about to be thirty like he. So he should be in his prime. Which is he's been awesome..

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