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The next rusher we look back on a trap door of paranoia in persecution in america in which the president congress the core and the press all played a part will talk with journalist glenn frankel whose book is about the hollywood blacklist and the making of the classic film hein join us today tier on 939 fm w n weis mm welcome back to midday on wnyc i'm jonathan kaye part speaking with ronen bergman about his new book his seventh book rise and killed first the secret history of israel's targeted assassinations so ronen arthur several terms for assassinations is targeted assassinations as as in your in your title targeted killing extrajudicial killing is there a difference in all of these the only the only reason why we're talking about different terminology is because the american intelligence community wanted to find some sort of legal solution that would enable them to kill specific people aiming at specific people have them killing them after nine eleven why knowing that this is illegal according to american low about an according to presidential order that was given by president ford bake enacting seventy six let me remind the the your audience our listeners dead there were times where the cia employed tactics of targeted assassinations and then with the church committee was established it was banned in forbidden but after nine eleven in the way that that resembled what happened to israel throughout its its history the american intelligence turned to the president president bush said we do not have any other way to stop those people from sending more and more perpetrate is to kill americans worldwide or other citizens uh but killing there because we cannot go to borabora out to other places and sent troops to arrest him the only way that we can we can disrupt the operation was by the use of targeted killing then it turned out to be illegal so the came up with the terminology of targeted killings which is illegal which is which is linked sorry we legal eagerly australia yarn you when you kill someone in a car in a country of which is defined as a hostile and in many enemy cannot the us it is legal so that's targeted killing it's it's in that particular country that is the is your target there were the target as then extra judicial killing is exactly exactly as it sounds extra judicial at this but at.

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