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All the way back from the thirteen hundred point hole. The Dow Jones industrial average found itself and after a brutal Wednesday and Thursday that average picked up two hundred eighty seven points Friday for the week though at finished down about four percent. The S and P five hundred gained thirty eight points Friday. The NASDAQ picked up one hundred sixty seven Facebook now says it was thirty million users affected by the data breach. I announced last month down from fifty million, but fourteen million users had sensitive info exposed including names, contact details gender and relationship status. Scott Goldberg ABC news. An American pastor has been released from jail in Turkey. These are your world headlines from ABC news as the mystery of journalists Jamal kashogi disappearance remains unsolved. Another big headline in Turkey Friday. Andrew Branston American pastor from North Carolina was free today after spending two years behind bars. After Turkish authorities charged him for playing a role in the attempted coup. A couple years ago. Meanwhile, the Washington Post reported that anonymous Turkish sources say there is audio and video of the killing of Jamal kashogi inside the Saudi consulate in Istanbul those same anonymous Turkish sources and anonymous US sources tell the post they briefed their US counterparts and finally in the UK wedding bells and other Royal wedding Princess Eugenie Jack Brooks Bank, married Friday Windsor Castle. It was a windy day out. There fascinated is flying the Queen attended as Prince William and Kate little prince, George Anne, Princess, Charlotte. Our favorite played starring roles in the bridal party Prince, Harry and Meghan Markle. Of course, also there I'm Ali hunter at the ABC news. Foreign desk in London. Spokane mother became a political activist in support of capital punishment. After her daughter was murdered. Now, she's reacting with dismay the state supreme court's ruling that the death penalty is unconstitutional. Komo's Corwin Hake has more governor Jay Inslee believes surviving family members. Will welcome the certainty that comes with knowing the shore fate of former death row killers. They're going to die in prison. Jerry shaver feels no such relief in one thousand nine hundred eighty six her adult daughter Talita died when Dwayne woods beat her with a baseball bat. Woods was sentenced to death. A fate delayed in two thousand fourteen when Inslee declared a moratorium on executions. You think I would not have killed him myself shave redressed lawmakers and later the press and wanted to be over, and it will be over when he's dead woods did end up dead, but not by execution. He died last year in prison of a heart attack today. Shaver tells KOA news in Spokane she's disappointed by the high court's ruling saying it's unfair. Fair to grieving families. Corwin hake. Komo news..

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