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Want to say this for. Donald trump who i may well be voting to impeach. Donald trump has already done a number of things which legitimately raise the question of impeachment. I don't respect this president. And i will buy every day until here's and based grouse to start impeachment proceedings. Those are grounds to start impeachment. Those are grounds distorted patriot preceding. Yes i think that's grounds to start impeachment proceedings. I rise today. Mr speaker. So call for the impeachment of the president of the united states of america. I continue to say pay jab forty five forty five so we're calling upon the house to begin impeachment hearings immediately on the each madonna donald trump. Which about yesterday. I would vote. Yes i would vote. I would vote because we're going to go on there. But the fact is i introduced articles impeachment in july of twenty seventeen. We don't impeach. The president he will get reelected requires me beef impeachment having a peach. But here's the scarlet out on his chest. Representatives should begin impeachment proceedings against this president. It is time to charges against him bringing impeachment charges. My personal view is that he richly deserves impeachments. The relevant timeline in the house reveals the rush to judgment on the following the january. Sixth riot the house leadership cynically sense a political opportunity to score points against the outgoing then. President trump and the speaker demanded that vice president pence invoked the twenty-fifth amendment threatening immediate impeachment for the president. If mr pens did not comply with this extraordinary and extraordinarily wrong demand. Four days later on january eleventh twenty twenty one. The instant articles of impeachment was introduced in the house speaker. Pelosi then gave bryce vice president the vice president of another ultimatum threatening to begin impeachment proceedings within twenty four hours if he did not comply vice president pence rejected speaker pelosi's demand favoring instead adherence to the constitution and the best interest of the nation over politically motivated threat. Now the reason they had that video ready yesterday is because yesterday was supposed to be about addressing whether or not to have an impeachment trial and so what they were ready to show is that this isn't about anything except your lust for impeachment. Nuts why they had this lust for impeachment video ready. trust me. they do have Prepared i've already heard about it. And i haven't seen it but i've heard about a couple of people that they're pretty devastating videos of all of the calls for violence on the part of democrats and because they if you string together all of the calls for violence on the part of president trump. You don't have any. It's why they didn't have any in the even in their thirteen minute video. They played they didn't have president trump calling for violence because president trump has never called for violence. But they've called for violence a lot and so that will be in the deal today so Impeachment trial starts at noon eastern I believe i'll be stream eight. That's the plan right now Of course things change. And i still have a day job of muslims time. I'm able to work from home and and can do both so. We'll see how that works. The john roberts thing by the way just to just you know. It's not significant okay. Impeachment trials happen in the senate. That are not presidential trials. All the time like a judge gets impeached or something like that. The senate will hold a trial and in that case the president pro. Tem of the senate serves as judge. And so it's totally normal for patrick layhee to be in that position when the president the sitting president is not on trial. Okay and part of the reason that the sitting president is they have the the chief justice do it is because normally the president of the senate is the vice president. it wouldn't be lahey. it would normally be kamala harris. That would be the judge In this case the vice president and so you can't the vice president. Judging the president who if the president's removed they would be president. That's why you have the chief justice. Come in because you have the vp making the decision to fire. His boss and become president makes sense. That's why the chief. Justice is required in the constitution when the president sits for impeachment donald trump's not the president. He's the forty fifth president the former president and so That's why Patrick layhee sitting. But regardless that violates the fundamental idea of fairness in a trial really because normally it's the vice president who sits the president of senate sits and isn't a voter in the jury right so lahey voting in the jury and sitting as judge is is funky and it's not fair normally. You don't have the judge and jury be the same person so i think that concludes we're gonna do today and i'll be back at noon with the livestream lord willing and again for those. You want to support the show. The mail address. He'll box four. Nine one woodinville washington ninety zero seven two dash zero four nine one and again. I appreciate those that you so many. Send checks and notes and you're listening to public keeper. Watch my time better. See you tomorrow actually news..

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