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On the candy my can talk show talk show hosts a game of the stories are fascinating appoints only matter to us some of us more than others it's called choose your news we give you the headline you text about candy Mike Todd something creative about the story to nine eight nine seven three then we listen here in a few minutes four forty nine to see if your pic made it out on top but at this point you are in total control of the show we want to know which story you want so now it's time for the pitches Mike your story for today Sir all right we're gonna start this one with a quiz for everybody in the room Todd candy Andrew okay Ursula and on all right so you all your pens ready yeah I got your slip of paper ready don okay all right so you have to guess which of these is not a generic drug what was IT what's so ten love us Staten or as they apply on I could see him again for you a lift the side V. flex a tan see love a statement or deed sale upon right which is not pulled up fold up your your answers and now let me get into my pitch so you've seen the commercials and unhappy person they look worried the grimace the color gets muted in the four K. digital production family members were eight and then the interact with a drug with a name that sounds like Expedia now they're overjoyed vivid color returns the commercial the afflicted person is dancing in front of a live band and Derek park bandstand or walking on the newly carefree but you know how these drug names happen it turns out it's two women in Chicago Gail and Stephanie and if you want to know how they do it take your dose of curios curiosidades and text Mike eight nine seven three I want to work with them that's too funny some passes on the Mike yeah I I wanna I wanna know how much they get paid for that when my husband and I were naming babies we have a list of girl names and he said man I hope we don't have a girl they are going to be named after an STD medication see My Girl my work to the way that I could like ours ours you privately I'm Sam you know what all is upstairs what your pitch for choose your news see what I'm saying with the show what I'm saying all right I know that lots of people are planning will but are you walking off to bring of government tribunal to bear to tell women yes she will manipulate a man's **** **** and **** or you will lose your business what do you see what I deal with on the day what it all the details so that texts top story tonight at nine seven three now it's Tuesday I'm just what it is I'm early in the week are you would you choose your news while you're here you want to make one up on the spot on no other there's too much real what's going on all right can you go ahead I searches units that none of your store let's say you're watching stranger things are the bachelorette rose ceremony something or game or whatever and numbers sealer comes up you re you carry on.

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